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    20 Stylish Target Products To Save Your Bedroom From Boredom

    Updating your sleeping space is the perfect summer project.

    1. A chic arched brass wall mirror, so you can check your 'fit before you go out...or just admire yourself in your cute matching sweatsuit before you crawl into bed with a book.

    the mirror hangs on a bedroom wall

    2. A gold bedside lamp with a marble base to deliver those super fancy hotel vibes at a quaint motel price.

    a close up of the lamp in the brass color

    3. A sweet and simple nightstand that not only looks good, but can handle your TBR pile, your Stanley water cup, your chargers, and your nighttime mouth guard.

    4. A silk pillowcase to give you a luxurious sleep experience, while simultaneously being better for your skin and your hair (your skincare stays on and your hair doesn't break!). Go on, you deserve this.

    yellow silk pillowcase

    5. A dreamy, soothing piece of art that will make it so you no longer stay up at night wondering what should go on that big, blank wall.

    A closeup of the art

    6. A humidifier, because that dry air isn't great for you at night, especially if you have a cold! If anything, your skin will thank you each morning. Bonus: it can also double as a night-light!

    the humidifier on a counter

    7. A storage bench for the end of the bed, which will be perfect for storing all your extra blankets... or your extensive collection of stuffed animals from your childhood (no judging).

    the dark gray storage bench

    8. A small-but-mighty space heater tower... just in case you still need a little extra warmth, even with your mountain of cozy blankets and pillows.

    the space heater in a room

    9. A roll of vibrant peel-and-stick wallpaper to give you the colorful accent wall you've always dreamed of having in your bedroom. If you've ever thought about changing things up, now is the time — you'll *stick* the landing.

    the wall paper in a room

    10. A stylish and adjustable lamp for your nightstand so you can cozy up and read into the wee hours of the morning. Or doom scroll on your phone. Either will do.

    the brown nightstand

    11. A fleece bed rest pillow just begging for you to binge-watch Ted Lasso as you sit in your bed eating bonbons. It's the throne you didn't know you needed.

    the cream colored bed rest pillow on a bed

    12. An essential oil diffuser with artisan-style cutouts, which will bring some serious zen to your space. Take a deep breath, it will look AND smell ahhh-mazing.

    the oil diffuser on a tabletop

    13. A wake-up light clock, because fun summer nights can make getting out of bed the next morning the worst. This clock mimics natural sunlight to help you awaken each morning just like, well, clockwork.

    The clock with its light on

    14. An extremely effective blackout window curtain panel so you can maybe even get to sleep early, despite it being lighter out for longer.

    two of the curtain panels in the gray colorway

    15. An all-white duvet bedding set that will make your bed look like it belongs in a magazine or a 5-star hotel, so being in your room will always feel like you're on a vacation from the real world.

    A bed made up with the white bedding

    16. A sherpa blanket to take your hibernation station to the next level. Curl up with a new book or start a Netflix binge — whatever you do, it can only be enhanced with this blanket.

    17. A HEPA air filter, because improving the air quality of your home is a makeover you can't see, but will absolutely feel (your allergies will thank you!).

    18. A surprisingly realistic faux plant to add some greenery to your space — just make sure to keep reminding yourself that it's fake so you don't start watering it.

    A closeup of the faux plant

    19. An under-the-bed storage bag that will basically function as another closet for you. All those off-season spring and summer clothes need to go somewhere (that isn't your accent chair).

    The storage bag filled with clothing next to a bed

    20. A wood accordion hook rail that'll help you pick up after yourself *and* keep your bedroom organized. Just put this up, remember to hang your robe, towels, clothes, etc. and you'll be good to go.

    a mug and a napkin hang on the wood accordion hook rail

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