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    21 Things To Know If You Just Got A Peloton (Or Are Thinking About Getting One)

    Here's everything you need to know.

    Last year, I did a *very* 2020 thing and got a Peloton bike.

    A year ago this week we all laughed at her. What did she know and when?

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    I had taken (and really enjoyed) spin classes in the Before Times, but it was never a regular part of my fitness routine.

    And before you ask: No, this isn't an ad. Just me genuinely vouching for something I've really liked so far! 😊

    My household opted for the regular Bike over the Bike Plus because we didn't really need the extra features.

    In addition to the excellent workouts, getting to know the bike and the Peloton community is part of the fun! Here are some of the most useful tips, tricks, hacks, and product recommendations I've found in my own experience and research so far. 🚴‍♀️

    1. Start by finding an instructor that works for you.

    2. Finding the right music really *does* make a difference, too.

    3. The bike gets a lot of attention — but the app is actually a huge treasure.

    A screenshot of the Peloton app

    4. But real talk: You don't actually *need* Peloton equipment to use the app.

    5. Save time by bookmarking your favorite classes in the app on your phone so you can easily find them on the bike tablet later.

    The author bookmarked a Peloton ride to do later.

    6. You can get rid of all the metrics on the screen if you find them distracting or unnecessary.

    7. You can also adjust the volume of the instructor or the music, depending on what you prefer.

    8. PSA: You might need a little extra gel seat cushion for your tush, especially in the beginning.

    A padded gel seat on a Peloton bike.

    9. Oh, and adding a portable fan will, ofc, make your rides feel ~breezier.~

    10. Try out the scenic rides when you're feeling some serious wanderlust.

    A Peloton bike tablet features a 15-minute scenic ride through the French Alps.

    11. The Peloton community is super supportive and full of great ideas — and especially great for newcomers, IMO.

    12. But the most fun is when you can ride with your friends.

    13. You can video chat with your friends while you ride — if that's your thing.

    14. Remember that there are small, super practical accessories that can make your set-up a little easier — like this tray for your phone.

    A Peloton tray for your cellphone and headphones.

    15. Keep the shoe clutter at bay with this nifty, no-frills shoe hanger that attaches to the back of the bike.

    A shoe hanger for Peloton cleats that attaches to the back of the bike.

    16. Or if you're craving more ~boutique fitness~ vibes, splurge on this handmade wall shelf.

    A wood shelf with hooks for the Peloton cleats hangs on the wall.

    17. There's also an entire Peloton online store if you want to scoop up official merch.

    18. Show off a bit by adding some milestone swag to your bike.

    A Peloton bike with sticker decals marking the 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500-ride milestones.

    19. Don't forget about the live rides, because you could get a shoutout from an instructor.

    20. Celebrate your milestones because they are actually a big deal.

    21. Being away from your bike doesn't mean you have to give up your streak (or time with your favorite instructor).

    A screenshot of a map of the continental US with red dots indicating the location of hotels with Peloton bikes.

    22. And lastly... you can technically watch Netflix on your bike. 👀

    Do this at your own risk, because it is definitely not sanctioned by Peloton 😬But it IS tempting...

    Honestly, having a Peloton has made such a difference for me in a short period of time. I feel better on the days that I clip in and I actually look forward to my time on the bike.

    Are you a newbie? An experienced rider? Let me know your best tip, tricks, and hacks in the comments — and see you on the LB!