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The Age Of YouTube Makeup Gurus

How high quality and social media made this makeup brand a rocketing success.

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The face of advertising in the beauty industry is changing. The popularity of online makeup, hair and fashion tutorials, and the use of social media, are changing the way the beauty industry markets products.

Companies are trying to challenge the status quo and come up with new ideas to respond to the ever-changing interests of their consumers, and harnessing the power of content creation platforms like Instagram and Youtube is proving to be a powerful tool in their arsenal.

All you have to do is go to YouTube and search "makeup tutorials" to see that customers are finding new ways to learn about products they might want to try. There are thousands of videos comparing which eye shadow pigment is brighter, which brushes blend better and what foundation lasts the longest. Long gone are the days of walking into a cosmetics store and asking a sales person to recommend the right product for your skin.

Recently a new kind of company model has taken force that gives more power to the consumer. A new direct-to-consumer online approach with a focus on organic growth instead of huge endorsements. Businesses have discovered that you don't necessarily need to have celebrity endorsements from music artists and pro-athletes in order to convince people to want what you're selling.

One such company that has embraced this philosophy is the cosmetics company Karity. A YouTube search for just the name alone produces nearly 6,000 videos of online personalities reviewing their makeup and brushes, comparing their products to those of high-end brands and giving tutorials on creating just the right look. This marketing strategy has proven successful and up until this year, it was simply word of mouth and social media bringing in new customers to their site. Today, the majority of their customers are brought in by YouTube influencers.

While there are many ways to utilize the Internet to benefit your bottom line, choosing the right avenue is the key to finding success in social media marketing. Whether you choose to buy ad space before videos on YouTube, send samples for popular Vine account holders to review or hold contests on Instagram, there is no dispute that taking advantage of the online beauty movement has the potential to bring in customers who may never have found your company otherwise.

Users sharing Karity pigmentation on Instagram helped fuel the company's growth

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