The 13 Most Epic Lunch Box Sandwiches Ever

Your PB&J has been put to shame.

1. iPod sandwiches

Just your average lunch: Each mini-sandwich represents an iPod’s different icons

2. Puzzle sandwich

A quick way to make even the most meh sandwich interesting (ham and cheese, I’m looking at you)

3. Monkey sandwich

Because if you’re going to make a monkey-themed lunch, you need to go all out

4. Bert sandwich

+1 for the Elmo-tomato

5. Owl sandwich

Easier than it looks (no special knife necessary)

6. THE ultimate turkey sandwich

7. Dracula sandwich

Note the amazing bat-cookie

8. Modified PB&J

Now they’re PB&J kebabs!

9. Monster sandwich

With cucumber fangs.

10. Fish sandwich

A good choice for a round roll sandwich

11. Cookie-cutter flower sandwiches

Potentially a lot of wasted food with these, but they’re adorable

12. Frog “sandwich”

If you’re in a rush, this one isn’t quite a sandwich - more like a cute assemblage of thematically-appropriate ingredients

13. And if you have no time for creativity, there’s always this solution

Draw on a plastic sandwich bag (for the underachievers)

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