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    • kathleenm5

      Just for the record, no tailed cats are actually birth defects and are akin to spinal bifida in humans. The tail on a cat is the extension of the spine. Breeders destroy cats born to manx with tails and breed those with the abnormality. Half wit greedy breeders are responsible for cats (Manx), persians and others and dogs who have been bred for their weaknesses, not their strengths. There are actually only two naturally long haired cats, one is the Maine Coon and the other is the Norwegian Forest Cat. All the rest are bred for huge fluffy coats . People have a hard time believing that two Manx bred together often have healthy tailed cats. As far as those pitiful way too tiny, wrinkle faced and pushed in faces cats and dogs there are hosts of problems that go along with all those characteristics that cause pain and bouts of ill health and surgeries to correct. You can not trust the AKC. They sell the papers that the consumer believes mean a healthy well bred dog. The puppy mill owners notify the AKC how many puppies who the parents are and the AKC supplies the papers at a hefty price per puppy and NEVER inspects the puppy mill to see how the breeding dogs are vetted, fed, what condition the breeding dogs are in. They pay 100+ for the puppy papers and the consumer thinks that guarantees them a healthy well bred dog. All breeders will tell you they are not THAT kind of breeder, but when you get a sick puppy and then you love them, try to seek recompense from the breeder. I know all this because rescuing these horribly abused puppy mill dogs has been my life. Sorry, but I had to say something when I see that some people don’t realize that these cats are disadvantaged and sometimes are really sick their entire short lives. I just had to say something. Remember, there is a rescue group for every kind of dog or cat breed. Rescue a dog or cat don’t buy them. Don’t reward the breeders in any way. Oh and by the way, tell any breeder that tells you they are the “Good” breeders that they should go to work to clean out and end the careers of the “bad” breeders because until they do, we can’t tell them apart.

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