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    15 Co-Workers We All Wish We Didn't Have

    Every office is full of eclectic people. Some (maybe most) of them get under our skin. Let us all commiserate.

    1. The guy who walks in like this on a Monday morning

    2. The girl who can't handle more than 2 projects

    3. The woman who comments on your every move

    4. The old married lady who gives you terrible dating advice

    5. The "I'm not even sure what he does here" guy

    6. The girl who does this every time you walk by

    7. The two assistants who are best friends

    8. The girl you thought was normal then went out to lunch with

    9. The skinny bitch in sales that makes like 3x your salary

    10. The boss' nephew who makes you laugh and feel bad for him at the same time

    11. The woman who constantly shows you videos of her asshole children

    12. The boss you feel constantly watching over your shoulder

    13. That old guy who always tells jokes you're forced to laugh at

    14. The tech guy that never ceases to make you feel uncomfortable

    15. And... that foul person who always leaves the bathroom right before you go in