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Dangers Of Deodorant

Toxic overload runs skin deep

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Steer Clear

Aluminum is a heavy metal ( a neurotoxin). What is a neurotoxin? A substance that is poisonous or destructive to nerve tissue. This can be destructive to the brain and breast tissue. There is a scientific link between breast cancer, Alzheimer's disease and aluminum found in nerve tissues.

Detox Time

I am not going to lie, detoxing from conventional deoderant was not easy.. I experienced rashes, excessive sweating and odor. The main issue was that I went from conventional to natural with no break in between. This causes a lot of hormonal & bacterial imbalances. The best way is to go cold turkey for at least a week. Years of heavy metals, parabens and aluminum will leave the same way they came out and you may find yourself craving relief. Bare with it and keep going. Once the toxic gunk is out, switch over to a natural brand or make your own.

I feel so much better.

The crazy part is that I feel better. Heavy metals can leave us feeling run down (brain fog). With the knowledge and scientific backing I've come across, I'll never go back to unnatural deodorant. -Kathleen Davis

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