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    • kathleenbluth

      Why does no one realize that this is in Australia and not in the U.S.? Yes, this is very offensive to Americans, I agree. But what no one is realizing is that there are a lot of cultural differences about what is socially acceptable and what is considered offensive in other countries. Here in the U.S. kids learn about minstrel shows in school and understand why blackface is offensive, so claiming ignorance about blackface being offensive is not a valid excuse. But in Australia it is very different, in fact the population of African-Australian people is only about 2%(from the Australian Bureau of Statistics website). I have a few friends from Australia and the first time they ever even met a person of African decent was when they came to visit America. Obviously this isn’t a perfect comparison but this issue is kind of similar to how certain hand gestures can have completely different meanings in other countries, for instance the peace sign here is actually considered offensive in the UK. I think its terrible that everyone is bullying this girl online for something her guests did (not her) which they probably had no idea was offensive in the first place. Relax people, not everyone is acting with malicious intent, have a little perspective.

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