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12 Helpful Guidelines For Parents About Teen’s Career Choices

As parents, you all want to play a large role in helping your teen’s career choice so they can be successful and happy in life while earning a good income. There are some guidelines to follow so that you are a good influence and they listen to you at this stage of life.

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Most teenagers have stated what they want as a career choice when they were a younger age. You can help them to choose something that will enrich their lives as you talk to them about choices in life. The parents should help their teenagers to find what type of career they want according to their interests and abilities to steer them in the right general direction.

Open Communication

Talk to your teenager to find the right career path for them. Have conversations about different broad fields of study and then allow them to narrow it down to a specific job. For example, if your child is a true and avid lover of all people and animals, they may do well in a medical or veterinarian choice for a career. If they don’t have the best aptitude for many years of college, they may decide to be a nurse rather than a doctor, or a vet technician rather than a vet.

Explore Occupations Together

As a teenager, there is a giant amount of things that they could decide to do for gainful employment. When you explore the different occupations with your teen you can point out the benefits of each, the education needed and what type of salary to expect. You can get online and explore items with your teenager by your side to instill trust in what you are saying. You can make some suggestions, but try never to impose your decision of what is best on them.

Use Your Network

Another great manner to help your teenager decide what type of career they want is through your own personal network of family, friends and co-workers. If your child is interested in upholding the law, this can be done in many ways, from a lawyer to law enforcement to child services. If you know people in the same profession that your teen is examining allow your child to sit down with someone in the same profession and ask them questions about what they like and dislike about their job.

Collect Extensive Information

Keeping tabs on your teen’s efforts to research occupations can allow you to ask them what they are leaning towards or what is appealing to them. You can help them greatly by gathering all the information that you can find on that career to enable them to make a good choice.

Vocational Training and Education

If your child wants to explore a career path with hands on, ask them to join a vocational training and education program with their high school. They will learn all about the trade and it enables them to get some actual training in their chosen field to make certain that they like it and want to continue down this path. A teenage that has always been interested in vehicle repairs since his first bicycle may make a great master mechanic. By joining a shop class, they can see if this is something, they are really passionate about and want to pursue it.

Practical High School Courses

Make certain that your teen takes the correct curriculum in their high school courses that can get them admitted to a college or university that offers courses in their career choice. Taking some accelerated courses can help them to be admitted to a great secondary educational school, whereas students with a lower GPA and only primary courses have a harder time being admitted.

Career and Job Search Guide

A great tool to help your children decide on a career path is to secure the current career profiles. It will list the top careers that need people and it projects growth rates of need over future years. Career Profiles has all of this information available. You can also see an annual salary and what level of education is needed to be an entry-level employee in that particular career. If your teen chooses a career that will not need many new employees as projected over the time it take for them to gain the education in that field, they will likely have a hard time working in their chosen field, even with a degree.

Temperament Research

Your teenager should choose a career based on their temperament. Some children are very shy and reserved while others are bold, outspoken and very active. A teen with a shy personality would most probably not want to pursue a career in politics that requires a lot of public speaking, just as a very active and bold teen would most probably not like to have a desk job where they work by themselves and in silence, such as a CPA. These are important factors to help you guide your child in the right direction.

Observe their Talents and Interests

Each and every teen has their own talents and interests. If a teen really loves music, they may choose to follow that path and be a music teacher rather than a roadie for a band. Don’t pigeon hole them into traditional careers that you think are appropriate according to the salary. There are sub careers in every category.

Encouraging Conversations

Don’t discourage your teen when they say they may want to have a career in something that you think they won’t excel in. Give them all the encouragement that you can and suggest different paths that the same education can be used to secure. This will allow your child to trust that what you are saying is indeed good advice.

Teach a Balanced Approach

If your teen wants to pursue a certain path, they should still have subjects in other areas to give them balance. If they decide to change their mind at some point, then they will have other important skills to draw from and won’t need to start all over in their education again.

These 12 guidelines can help parents with a teen’s career choice in the most positive manner possible. This time of discovery and learning who they are and what they want to do is the first part of a journey in their life and you want them to enjoy their work and be successful.

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