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Tell Us The Things Women Do In Movies That Would Never Happen In Real Life

Unfortunately, there are too many examples to count.

Hollywood has a long history of falling short when it comes to accurately representing women in movies.

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Female characters are often depicted as one-dimensional, fall into sexist stereotypes, and make infuriating decisions that would simply never fly in the real world.

Sofía Vergara clutching her forehead in distress

So we want to know about the things women do in movies that annoy you the most!

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Maybe you're sick of women suddenly becoming beautiful after removing their glasses and straightening their hair.

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Or maybe you find it frustrating when women in movies wake up with a full face of makeup.

Kristen Wiig waking up with a full face of makeup in "Bridesmaids"
Universal Pictures

Perhaps you can't imagine a woman playing a championship game with her hair flying all over the place.

Amanda Bynes playing soccer with her hair down in "She's the Man"
Paramount Pictures

Or perhaps you hate when a female character seemingly only exists to live vicariously through her single friend's love life.

Judy Greer giving Kathryn Heigel boy advice as her best friend in "27 Dresses"
20th Century Fox

Now it's your turn! Tell us about the unrealistic things women do in movies that annoy you in the comment section below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!