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    Parents Are Sharing The Funniest Things They've Found In Their Child's Search History And I Can't Stop Laughing

    We've all googled "boobs" at some point or another.

    Recently, Reddit user u/Furret29 asked the parents of Reddit, "What’s the worst thing you have found in your child’s search history?" Having been a child myself, I found the responses were predictable, but wild nonetheless.

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    Here are some of the funny things children are searching for online:

    1. "'How to put poo in my parents' toothpaste without them knowing.'"


    2. "My little cousin, who was about 12 at the time, searched, 'Russian nukes exploding.'"


    3. "'How to fight my dad.'"


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    4. "When my son was about 10 years old, we found what appeared to be about two hours of googling 'Princess Leia.' I wasn't mad at all and spent a few minutes looking at the results myself."


    5. "'Why is my dog gay?'"


    6. "My sister let me use her iPad and I found a YouTube video called 'tips on how to deal with your annoying brother' on her search history."


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    7. "I once helped a coworker who had me search through her son's laptop. I had to tell her that he was looking up and trying to open a credit card. And he was trying to figure out how to make a fake Social Security number to open a credit card so he could buy Robux."


    8. "'How much ibuprofen is fatal?'"


    9. "'Baby Shark song words.'”


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    10. "Saw 'Hermione ASMR' in my friend's YouTube search history."


    11. "'How to be the favorite child.'"


    12. "'The longest shit in the world.' Found on my search history after my younger brother borrowed my laptop. Minutes after New Year's midnight."


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    13. "My 4-year-old searched: 'lkjhsdifuhkdvnskdjihksjhdfk.' I was mortified."


    14. "My oldest is going through a witchy phase. She's been obsessively googling 'real curses to kill people,' 'cursed foods that curse you to death,' 'do death curses work,' and at the same time, 'magic spells to make people like me.' Like damn, quit trying to curse people and they might like you more."


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    15. "My 8-year-old looked up 'Devil Goat' a couple of days ago. It was immediately followed by 'Goat Simulator Devil Goat Unlock How.' He's a good kid."


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    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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