People Are Tweeting Their Reactions To The "Dear Evan Hansen" Movie, And Yikes

    Dear Evan Hansen perfected the Tony Awards to Twitter meme pipeline.

    Over the weekend, Universal released the highly anticipated film adaptation of the Tony Award–winning Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen. However, fans of the musical weren't too keen on seeing 27-year-old Ben Platt still in the titular role. That casting choice alone is most likely what landed this movie a 33% Rotten Tomatoes score (yikes).

    Naturally, people had a LOT of thoughts about the movie. So, please enjoy some of the funniest tweets:

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    ben platt really killed it in dear evan hansen

    Twitter: @SlimJosa


    Dear Evan Hansen can you buy us alcohol for prom

    Twitter: @kaichoyce


    After DEAR EVAN HANSEN and CATS, all I'll say is the next producer who gets a musical greenlit at Universal is one smooooooooth-talkin' motherfucker.

    Twitter: @DrewMcWeeny


    Dear Evan Hansen? I'll stick with Year Seven Danson.

    Twitter: @JamesUrbaniak


    all you need to know about the dear evan hansen movie is that he sings “on the outside always looking in” and then they show a shot of him on the inside looking out

    Twitter: @cloud_etudes


    This is my favorite Dear Evan Hansen review so far.

    Twitter: @KaSpad


    Earlier today scientists discovered a gay man living in a cabin on a glacier, who hadn't seen another human being for over fifty years. But he still had an opinion on the movie of Dear Evan Hansen

    Twitter: @PaulRudnickNY


    I must stress: this is not a meme. This is an actual screencap from Dear Evan Hansen.

    Twitter: @funkodiabetic


    Mesmerized by the emphasis and frequency Julianne Moore says the word "truck" in her one song in Dear Evan Hansen that's supposed to be a big emotional centerpiece

    Twitter: @NataliesNotInIt


    Twitter: @MeganBitchell


    Absolutely loved Will Ferrell's performance in Dear Evan Hansen

    Twitter: @mariswuzz


    ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Producer on Ben Platt’s Return to the Role: “What was I going to do, cast someone who’s not my son?”

    Twitter: @SamKaufman77


    Bernadette Peters could do Dear Evan Hansen but Ben Platt couldn’t do Sunday in the Park

    Twitter: @JamiJurich


    i will never forgive them for cutting good for you from the dear evan hansen movie

    Twitter: @abfstans


    Dear Evan Hansen premiers tonight and literally the only thing funnier than Ben Platt playing a 17 year old is the fact that RuPaul once sat through the entire show thinking the main character’s name was Dear

    Twitter: @selizabethharr


    There's a scene in DEAR EVAN HANSEN where he receives an email with an 84Mb video file attachment and the sad nerd in me yelled at the screen, "You can't send a file that big through Gmail!"

    Twitter: @itsdougjam


    DEAR EVAN HANSEN is the scariest Lifetime movie of the year about a family being dooped by Ben Platt playing a tween version of Joaquin Phoenix's JOKER in Julia Sweeney's wig as PAT

    Twitter: @evildorina


    If you or a loved one has been subjected to the Dear Evan Hansen trailor against your will, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

    Twitter: @shania_twink


    people are overreacting about Ben Platt in Dear Evan Hansen. he looks totally normal in this scene

    Twitter: @jeremysmiles


    no offense but in the movie the character of dear evan hansen should have been played by james corden

    Twitter: @RaphaelBW


    Dear Evan Hansen was a heartbreaking story about an awkward vice principal with a broken arm pursuing a relationship with a high school girl. did I watch it right?

    Twitter: @deadeyebrakeman


    I’ll let you know if smoking a joint before this screening of Dear Evan Hansen was a good call

    Twitter: @caitiedelaney


    The unrealistic thing about Dear Evan Hansen is his mom is never like, “Maybe we should get you into drama club, girl”

    Twitter: @louisvirtel


    Kaitlyn Dever not doing press for Dear Evan Hansen

    Twitter: @itsNumberJuan


    also, people keep comparing the dear evan hansen movie to cats (2019). but does dear evan hansen have even a single song that goes as hard as skimbleshanks the railway cat? i doubt it

    Twitter: @reparrishcomics


    Not someone on tiktok calling dear Evan Hansen a villain origin story 😭

    Twitter: @rosedommu


    The DEAR EVAN HANSEN backlash is so silly. Who among us hasn't pretended to be a high schooler and exploited a stranger's suicide in order to get close to the deceased's cute sister? Calm down.

    Twitter: @cevangelista413


    I think at this point you just have to sit back and enjoy that Dear Evan Hansen was expressly set up as a movie by Ben Platt’s dad to get his son an award and it’s prob gonna set the guy’s career back like five years

    Twitter: @ThatJakePC


    Twitter: @whyangelinawhy


    ben platt: I mean literally no one else can play evan hansen. which is why I had to be in the movie ben platt’s boyfriend, who also played evan hansen on broadway: yes. that’s true

    Twitter: @sablaah