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    40 Church Signs That Have No Right Being This Funny

    "Get in God's mosh pit."

    1. This church reealllyy wants you to try missionary.

    That’s boring too but I’ll take what I can get. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

    Twitter: @M0NIKAbang

    2. This church that offered a damning threat to whoever stole their air conditioner. 

    3. This church that loves a mother on her knees. 

    4. This church sign that wants to know how often you come.

    5. This sign that explains why Jesus always has perfectly chiseled abs in paintings.

    6. This church that insists "Jesus enters you" before you can cross through the pearly gates.

    7. This church sign that probably could have been worded differently.

    8. This church in Tennessee that has a clear opinion on those autopsy results...

    9. This church needs you to stop praying for more snow.

    10. Meanwhile, this church doesn't have time to think of something clever because it's just too darn hot out!

    11. This church that gave an ominous Thanksgiving warning.

    12. This church that decided to quote Darth Vader (you know, the famously wholesome character who killed all those kids).

    13. This sign that declares once and for all that you should swallow, not spit.

    14. This church that doesn't want you to eat the devil's corn, and don't even get them started on the devil's high-fructose corn syrup!

    15. This sign that offers nothing but comfort. 

    16. This church that places God in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    17. This church that's trying to reach their "younger" audience. 

    18. This church that will teach you to be sexy like Samson — spoiler alert: it's all about the hair.

    19. This church that doesn't want you to text and drive... reading a wordy sign is perfectly fine, though.

    20. This sign that understands who holds all the power in the pew. 

    21. This church is not to be confused with a Myspace church.

    22. This church sign that needs to remind you Jesus was here looonnggg before Marie Kondo.

    23. This church that is clearly punk rock.

    24. This church that should have thought about allll the "C" words before making this claim.

    25. This church that embraced "Christian Girl Autumn" with a pumpkin spice communion joke.

    @UnvirtuousAbbey Fresh outta Sem, and my first time being in charge of a church sign. Whaddya think?

    Twitter: @ourfathergsbo

    26. This church promises eternal damnation for adjusts glasses rooting for Auburn football. 

    27. This sign said, "I'm not like other pastors, I'm a cool pastor."

    28. This church that balances wholesome picnics with adult movie nights. 

    29. This sign that simply cannot be real. 

    30. This church that demands you keep your ass at home for service.

    31. This sign that screams the obvious.

    Twitter: @QuirkyGirl69

    32. This sign that took the Shrek "All Star" meme to the next level.

    I cannot believe I saw this. #churchsigns

    Twitter: @maricel_tanya

    33. This church that doesn't want to lie to your friends and family at your funeral.

    Twitter: @travelinglight3

    34. This church sign that insists nails are better than duct tape. 

    35. This sign knows you're spending time at church instead of the gym, but don't fear because you'll have a "smoking hot body" when you're dead!

    Ruth the Church sign volunteer was feeling dark this week. Enjoy services today friends! 🙏🏽😬

    Twitter: @UinvitedU

    36. This sign that promises God loves you more than Kanye loves Kanye.

    37. This sign said, "The Daddy and the Son and the Holy Spirit."

    Today’s mood is this church sign I pass on my way to work

    Twitter: @ohlaurenfrances

    38. This sign that makes no sense in the best possible way.

    ok im losing my mind at the neon sign on this church

    Twitter: @zenophelion

    No, but seriously, why Luigi?!

    39. This sign that is trying to make Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" a bit holier.

    Twitter: @WhereTrueLoveIs

    No, not that hole.

    40. And finally, this church that positively roasted the Patriots.

    Hometown church keeping it real! #SuperBowlLII #NFL #churchsigns

    Twitter: @gingwilson