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    People Are Sharing Times They've Done Something Less Than Smart And I Can't Stop Laughing

    In college, I tried to get into my dorm room with my car keys.

    Recently, we wrote about some normally smart people doing some not-so-smart things. The BuzzFeed Community had some of their own "dumb" experiences to share, proving we all have those moments at one time or another!

    Here are some of their wild responses:

    1. "I used my finger to click on a hyperlink on my PAPER résumé during a job interview."


    2. "I had to leave a urine sample with the doctor. I get everything ready, open the cup, and proceed to urinate while reading the info I had just written on the cup. I finish up, screw the cap on, and when I was washing my hands, I was hit with the realization that I had forgotten to pee into the cup."


    3. "I once tried to check if an electric cooktop was on by touching the burner. I don't know what the hell I was thinking, but the good news is that the burns healed up just fine."


    4. "I’ve twice prepaid for gas and driven off without filling up."


    5. "I went to the movies with some friends at a theater I had never been to before. After the movie ended, we walked into the parking garage and said goodbye. After about 10 minutes of searching the garage for my car, with no luck, I panicked, called my friends, and told them I thought my car had been stolen. They came back and drove me around the parking garage for five minutes to look for my car before one of them said, 'Are you sure this is the right garage?' Turns out I had parked in the garage on the opposite side of the theater instead."


    6. "I'm a summer camp counselor, and we went on a field trip to a waterpark. I was going up the stairs to a water slide with my group, and I turned to my coworker and asked, 'Hey, how do we get back down from here?'"


    7. "I once poured out a bowl of cereal, except I hadn't actually set the bowl out yet. Cheerios all over the countertop."


    8. "I went to do a face mask but wanted something for my eyes. I couldn't find a cucumber, so for some reason I thought lemons would be great to put on my eyes. I couldn't figure out why my eyes were burning until I texted my sister and told her what I did."


    9. "I walked off a cliff once when I was a kid. That was an experience."


    10. "I’m a police officer, and on more than one occasion, I’ve asked Alexa to turn on the overhead light inside my patrol car."


    11. "I work at a grocery store, and one of my jobs is to put back the abandoned carts. On multiple occasions after grabbing the cart, I go on autopilot and start grocery shopping."


    12. "Once, I was at the doctor's office and I didn't have my phone, so I decided to look at a magazine. I turned to a picture I liked, and I guess my brain thought I was on Instagram. I seriously double-tapped the picture."


    13. "My husband and I were lying in bed talking, and at one point he moved his hand, which was kind of resting in between us. For whatever stupid reason, my brain interpreted that to be a fucking CRAB, and I bolted upright out of bed and screamed at the top of my lungs. And then I had to explain myself to the man who lives to make fun of me."


    14. "I'm 6'2" and often forget to watch for low ceilings and hit my head. I have had eight concussions from hitting my head on ceilings and doorways. One time I was walking and didn't notice a horizontal metal beam right in front of me. I walked into it hard and fell on my back to the ground. I felt an intense pain. My friend couldn't stop laughing, even while we were in the ER. My nose was broken and I had two black eyes. It's funny now..."

    Merissa Hatch

    15. "One morning, I woke up and my vision was absolutely perfect. I have had horrible vision my whole life, so I was thrilled. I may have cried for a little bit too. Eventually, it turned out that my dumbass forgot to take my contacts out before I went to bed."


    16. "I spent all day making broth from scratch, boiling chicken bones and veggie scraps and spices. Boiled it all day. When it was ready, I poured it all into a colander out of habit."


    17. "I once made a mess by tipping over the vacuum cleaner, pretending it was my microphone, and then proceeded to look through the entire house looking for the vacuum cleaner to clean it up."


    18. "Got off work, exhausted, of course. Pulled up to a four-way stop sign and waited for what felt like forever. I then realized the stop sign is not, in fact, going to turn green."


    19. "I was booking a vacation once, and I was getting multiple emails confirming my reservations. The thing is, they were all coming from the same person, even though I was booking through different agencies. I turned to my husband and wondered out loud who this 'Don O’Treply' person was and why he was the one sending me these emails. My husband wondered for a full 60 seconds if I was kidding, and when he was satisfied that I’m just a dumbass, he told me. It’s 'Do not reply,' not Don O’Treply."

    "It’s been over 10 years, and my made-up booking agent still gets brought up."


    20. "I was visiting a friend, and one of her chickens had just had chicks. I was watching them for a long time before I asked, 'Do chickens have nipples?' Of course, chicks break free from their eggs with their teeny beaks, so I was thinking how painful they must be on mama chickens' nipples when they feed. Chickens do not produce milk. Chickens are not mammals. I am a big dumb mammal."


    21. "I recently tried to steam the pocket of a button-down shirt while I was wearing it. I still have a scar from the burn."


    22. "I was running late to drop my daughter off for school. We pull up, and there’s no one outside in the drop-off line like there usually is, but I chalk it up to us being there right on the dot of the start time. Ten minutes later, I get a call from the assistant principal that there was no school that day. I dropped my second-grader off at school on a Teacher Institute Day."


    23. "I haven't seen snow in real life, and my brother told me he was going to Switzerland. I asked him to bring some snow back for me and immediately regretted it; he won’t let me live it down."


    24. "In my high school classics class, I was handed a textbook and couldn't read the small print. So I tried to zoom in with my fingers, like with a phone or tablet...not my finest moment."


    Clearly, momentary lapses of judgment can happen to the best of us. Don't be shy! Tell us about a time you had a mental block or just did something you're not proud of in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.