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    15 Ways To Stay Productive Over Summer Break

    Because you can only refresh your newsfeed so many times.

    School is out and summer is in full gear.

    Promises have been made.

    Promises have been broken.

    You can feel your brain degenerating.

    And your muscles too.

    But today is a new day.

    And the possibilities are endless.

    Or so you tell yourself.

    1. But maybe you can try to teach yourself a useful skill like HTML, JAVA, or Python.

    Because *technology*.

    View this video on YouTube

    Because dads and computers.

    2. Maybe you could teach yourself how to cook.

    3. Change your Facebook settings to learn a new language.

    4. Or read magazines online in another language.

    5. Explore Wikipedia Simple English

    6. Wikiversity too.

    7. Go to a lecture without having to physically move. has free lectures and course material from universities like MIT, Johns Hopkins, Stanford and Columbia.

    8. Watch documentaries and TED talks on Netflix.

    9. If you're a college student, look into discounts and free admissions deals that your school offers for museums/shows.

    Because ~culture~.

    10. Download an app that will restrict you from websites that you spend too much time on.

    11. Find books that you'll actually want to read.

    12. Or catch up on the latest and greatest articles that are available on the web.

    13. If you just can't keep your brain focused for an extended period of time, catch up on some short stories

    14. Attempt to learn to do something *artistic* like draw or play the guitar.

    15. Listen to podcasts while you commute, cook or wait in line.

    Happy Learning!