19 Things We Hope Come Back With The New Limited Too

    *Cries tears of glitter*

    Limited Too, the tween clothing store that we all know and love, went extinct in 2008.

    But now the brand management company Bluestar Alliance is bringing the store back, and you know what that means!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Scrunchies, hairagami, bandanas, oh my.

    2. Tankini Nation.

    3. Satin pajama sets that may as well be fine Italian silk.

    4. The parent couches.

    5. The photo booth to capture all of your shopping memories.

    6. Wanting to lie in a field with your best friends forever, all in matching warm sienna palettes.

    7. Training bras.

    8. Those shorts that were definitely board shorts but you wore them as day clothing.

    9. The ambient noise.

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    10. Whatever the technical name for that type of hat is.

    11. Lizzie McGuire sweepstakes.

    12. Things that make you smell like gummy bears.

    13. A lot of decorative belts.

    14. Unconventional color pairings like green and blue (or brown and blue, see above^).

    15. These rotating, light-up disco balls.

    16. The original normcore.

    17. Unnecessarily adding fluff to everything.

    18. Tiny sunglasses.

    19. And most importantly: inflatable furniture.



    An engineering marvel.

    Welcome back, old friend.