22 Tiny Shrugs That Will Make You Reevaluate Your Existence

    Why have a whole jacket, when you can have a quarter of one?

    1. An early '00s Rihanna.

    2. Marissa in a whimsical knit.

    3. Eva Longoria in a fun-loving tie-front.

    4. Christina Milian with sequin trim.

    5. Paris shrugging it up.

    Not a shrug but needed to be included.


    6. Mary J.


    7. Jamie Lynn and a ribbon detail.

    8. Not technically a shrug, not yet a shirt.

    9. Who could forget Jessica Alba being Sporty and Spontaneous in Honey.

    10. Iconic.

    11. Miley living two different lives in two different shrugs.

    12. Katie Holmes in a fancy gilded neck shrug.

    13. Michelle in a timeless cardigan shrug.

    14. Mariah in a ruffled number.

    A historic 5:1 ratio.

    15. What if I told you this picture was from 2010 and not 2001?

    16. Innovative.

    17. A taffeta Glenn Close.

    18. And finally: Dame Helen Mirren.

    19. The patron saint of tiny shrugs.

    20. She dazzles.

    21. She delights.

    22. She dares.

    How shockingly small.

    Bitches ain't shit.