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    What Gap Closing 175 Stores Means For Humanity

    Guard your chinos.

    Gap announced that it will be closing 175 U.S. stores.

    But what does a world with 175 fewer Gardens of Appropriate Pants mean?????

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    175X fewer vaguely cotton t-shirts.

    Gap / Via

    175X fewer boyfriend jeans that you thought maybe you could pull off but still haven't worn.

    Gap / Via

    175X fewer durable khakis that dads of the future will own for so long that they come back in style.

    You can't spell Gap without Khakis.

    175X fewer smiles on the faces of chino textile suppliers.

    Kk_tt / Getty Images

    175X fewer arguments over whether it's "Gap" or "The Gap."

    175X fewer 69 jokes.

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images


    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    It's funny because it's funny!!!!!

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images


    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    175X fewer of those striped scarves that you always got as a present from your aunt.

    175X fewer pairs of underwear for you to hoard.

    Gap / Via

    and since you hoard ∞ pairs of underwear...

    Ewa Walicka / Getty Images

    that means 175 multiplied by ∞ ...

    Ewa Walicka / Getty Images

    Which equals 69!!!!!!!!!

    Str / Getty Images

    175X fewer James Marsdens in cozy sweaters.

    Gap / Via

    And perhaps the most tragic loss of all...

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    175X fewer of THESE:


    Quite frankly

    a world without GAP

    is no world at all.

    Gap / Via

    Gap, we love you please don't leave.

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