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    39 Unbelievably Radiant Pictures Of Lauren Bacall

    Always and forever a stylish gem.

    1. Her signature scarf.

    2. The patron saint of lady blazers.

    3. The iconic side part.

    4. Showing some 'tude.

    5. Strong shoulders for a strong woman.

    6. Working the blazer, as always.

    7. Laughing at you because she can pull off high-waisted plaid trousers.

    8. Pioneer of the power brow.

    9. In deep contemplation.

    10. The pleated trousers. The blouson shirt. THE POWER STANCE.

    11. Quick frankly working the beret out of that beret.

    12. Because every day is a good day for a blazer when you're Lauren Bacall.


    14. Quintessential '50s circle dress.

    15. Her shoulders put Humphrey's to shame, tbh.

    16. Casually covered in flowers.

    17. Lauren and Humphrey in matching earth tones.

    18. The pants. THE DOG.

    19. Cosby sweater that predates Bill Cosby.

    20. Absolutely OWNING this striped frock.

    21. Sailin' on Bogart's boat, Santana.

    22. A floral cutout ensemble that you know you would wear today.

    23. Not giving an F in her rolled pants.

    24. Drying Humphrey off.

    25. Mailman shorts because she could.

    26. Cat Eye shades.

    27. True love= matching outfits.

    28. Lauren and Humphrey with their son, Stephen.

    29. Could rock menswear AND Hollywood glam.

    30. A vision in white.

    31. Little black dress.

    32. Poolside and PERFECT.

    33. And of course she also had unbelievably radiant friends.

    34. Round wayfarers.

    35. Mother daughter scarves.

    36. STILL unbelievably radiant in 1996.

    37. The blazer that kept on giving .

    38. UNREAL.

    39. The scarf.


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    Lauren, blazers will never be the same without you. You will be missed greatly.