14 Ways The Summer Heat Is Cramping Your Style

*cries but can’t distinguish between tears and sweat*

Life is so great!!!

A flailing, pre-man bun Harry.

But not so fast.

Your standard Lana twirl.

1. Because the sun.


3. The sweat.



Columbia Records / Via

“Get Me Bodied” LIED to us.

4. Oh, so you want to wear a chiffon kimono jacket?

You mean a chiffon kimono odor-and-sweat sponge?


Wow, comes in so many different colors.

5. Oh, so you want to button your collared shirt all the way up?

Evan Agostini/Invision / AP


Right, I hear neck sweat/not being able to breathe are all the rage rn.


6. A fancy cutout number?

Prepare for the weirdest tan or burn of your life.

7. Earlier in air-conditioned room: A long-sleeve shirt seems like a good idea.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

But why is she wearing sunglasses?

Later when outside in the heat: Why do I have arms?

8. Pit stain Rorschachs.

RIP Drake and Josh.


“I see my underarm moisture. Maybe death. Maybe both.”

9. Pants?

Not unless they’re THESE.

Everyone needs a pair of convertible zip-off cargos.

More like wearing all regret.

Until it melts from the corner of your eyes.

12. Must use anything and everything at my disposal to blot my face.


13. Lipstick?

And finally, the most oppressive part of the summer heat:

14. The looming threat of butt sweat.



*How will you leave your mark this summer?*

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