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    21 Things On eBay That You Can Buy For A Penny

    *before shipping and handling*

    1. This box of hopes amd [sic] dreams (box not included).

    A picture of the precious goods.

    2. A random penny (meetup only).

    3. Two expired ink cartridges.

    4. A Now That's What I Call Music 33.

    5. Fifty broken game controllers.

    6. An Elton John cassette.

    7. A 1992 Honda Civic cassette player to play your John Elton cassette.

    8. Whatever was in this person's junk drawer.

    9. A pack of rare New Kids On The Block trading cards.

    10. A Cigar Aficionado magazine with Hugh Jackman on the cover.

    11. Inception postcards.

    Happy birthday within a birthday, Uncle Jim!

    12. A Denny's kids meal Flinstones toy from 1991.

    13. A "Sprite can error."

    "I walked into my grandma's kitchen opened the new box of sprite cans to drink one and the first one i pulled out was this sprite can out of a brand new box of sprite.

    It was empty and slightly open."

    14. A strawberry scented Skittles candle.

    Smell the color of the rainbow.

    15. A drawing that this person's daughter made.

    16. A blue coozy.

    "Note: iced tea in picture is not part of the auction."

    17. This recipe for an artichoke frittata.

    18. A signed Natasha Bedingfield CD.

    19. A Space Jam VHS.

    20. This Principles of Biochemistry textbook.

    21. And finally: this Autographed Limited Edition Signed One Of A Kind air guitar.

    Pristine condition.

    "I am selling my one of a kind autographed air guitar. This thing is awesome and anybody who does not know how to play a regular guitar can pick this thing up and play like a pro!!! I have had this guitar since I started listening to music back in the '80s and I would jam on it for hours, but now since I'm older and have kids and my teenage daughter sees me play it in front of her friends says its time for me to give it up its embarrassing I figured I could sell it and put it towards her college, so if you want to jam out for hours and always be in tune this is the guitar for you. Included in the sale is 1. Air guitar, leather air shoulder strap, custom made carrying case (can take it with you anywhere undetected) and the automatic self tuner all is seen in the pictures. This is a real auction so please contact me with any questions, concerns, or what have you I am selling this for my daughters college so please be generous in your bidding since its going to a "GREAT" cause thanks for looking and happy bidding."