21 Things On eBay That You Can Buy For A Penny

    *before shipping and handling*

    1. This box of hopes amd [sic] dreams (box not included).

    A picture of the precious goods.

    2. A random penny (meetup only).

    3. Two expired ink cartridges.

    4. A Now That's What I Call Music 33.

    5. Fifty broken game controllers.

    6. An Elton John cassette.

    7. A 1992 Honda Civic cassette player to play your John Elton cassette.

    8. Whatever was in this person's junk drawer.

    9. A pack of rare New Kids On The Block trading cards.

    10. A Cigar Aficionado magazine with Hugh Jackman on the cover.

    11. Inception postcards.

    12. A Denny's kids meal Flinstones toy from 1991.

    13. A "Sprite can error."

    14. A strawberry scented Skittles candle.

    15. A drawing that this person's daughter made.

    16. A blue coozy.

    "Note: iced tea in picture is not part of the auction."

    17. This recipe for an artichoke frittata.

    18. A signed Natasha Bedingfield CD.

    19. A Space Jam VHS.

    20. This Principles of Biochemistry textbook.

    21. And finally: this Autographed Limited Edition Signed One Of A Kind air guitar.

    Pristine condition.