11 Easy And Comfortable Back To School Outfits

Because cozy is the new black.

1. Black jeans and chambray always make for a good match.

2. The world would be a happier place if everyone had a T-shirt dress.

3. Because the only size a cardigan should be is oversized.

4. May a lady’s trousers always be pleated.

5. My quilted sweatshirt and jacquard shorts bring all the boys to the yard.

6. A long skirt and a boxy print tee might as well be pajamas.

7. No pants, no problem.

8. A giant baby-doll dress matched with thigh highs, if you’re feeling ~scandalous~.

10. Not your mom’s mom jeans.

11. Pimp that baseball tee.

But above all else, you should get these pants that Justin Bieber actually wore at some point in time and space.

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Splash News / Splash News / Via


Splash News / Splash News / Via


Splash News / Splash News


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