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The Menswear Brand Twillory Is Pioneering A New Way Of Donating Clothing.

They handle the shipping & handling.

The menswear and dress shirt company, Twillory, is doing something new and charitable and awesome.

The initiative is called "Re:Purpose."

When you buy a shirt online from Twillory, your order comes with a pre-paid mailer bag for you to send your old, gently used garments to the charity Career Gear.

Career Gear is a nonprofit charity, mentoring service, and support network that gives donated professional clothing to low-income men for job interviews.

Which is awesome.

So you buy a shirt from Twillory.

^musing about how altruistic the Re:Purpose initiative is.

^musing about how altruistic the Re:Purpose initiative is.

Maybe try the "Blue Gingham" for starters.

Get it here.

And they'll send you the shirt plus a pre-paid mailer bag, already addressed to Career Gear.

So that you can donate an old dress shirt that you don't need anymore.

^Ryan Gosling giving away a shirt that he doesn't need.

It's that easy.

Get a shirt, give a shirt.

And look *fly* while doing so.

And also literally fly.

Pat on the back for intersecting consumerism and philanthropy, Twillory.

*Because the Re:Purpose program is so new and still expanding, it's currently only available in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.*

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