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    61 Things That You Probably Forgot Were Things

    Times were simpler when planking was funny.

    1. Bubble Trouble.

    2. Visually abrasive buddy profiles.

    3. !!!Hilarious!!! buddy icons.

    4. Wearing ties as belts.

    5. The Hampster [sic] Dance.

    6. @HamptonTheHamster

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    7. Ligers.

    8. Having serious Miranda hair envy when you watched Lizzie McGuire.

    9. Evanescence being embraced by the mainstream.

    [whisper screamed]: WAKE ME UP.

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    10. Ugg boots with denim skirts.

    11. Ugg boots in general.

    12. Velour or terrycloth monochromatic sweatsuits.

    13. Sweatsuits WITH Ugg boots.

    14. The janky internet on your flip phone.

    15. Wanting the latest flip phone that everyone else in school had at the time.

    16. T9.

    17. Viral sensations like "Milk and Cereal."

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    (that you swear you were the first to find.)

    18. "The Llama Song" was definitely not funny, but you thought it was comedic gold.

    19. Being unable to escape "Numa Numa."

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    @the original meme.

    20. The Flash Mind Reader convincing you that your computer was inside of your brain.

    21. People being scandalized by Janet Jackson's boob.


    Where masterpieces were made.

    23. Neopets.

    24. Neopets games like Meerca Chase.

    25. Or Faerie Bubbles.

    26. And Neopets' close cousin, Webkinz.

    27. Silly Bandz.

    28. Nyan Cat.

    29. AOL parental controls.

    30. And then subsequently only having access to AOL Kids.

    31. Going to whatever lengths it took to talk to your friends on computers during school.

    32. The thickness of the original iPod.

    33. Every generation of iPod that existed before the iPhone.

    Mini, Shuffle, Nano, etc., etc., until infinity.

    34. Rainforest Cafe.

    35. Going to Starbucks after school with your friends and being too cool for cake pops but all the while really wanting to try one.

    36. Wondering if there was deeper meaning to The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus's name.

    37. Thinking "Move Along" was the most innovative music video of all time.

    38. That A*Teens "Can't Help Falling in Love" cover that was always on Disney Channel with the PUPPIES.

    39. Being young and very unaware that most of A*Teens songs were, in fact, covers, and mostly ABBA covers.

    40. Thinking the "zero-gravity" room in the "Bye Bye Bye" music video was the coolest thing ever.

    41. Self-censoring the "god" from "closing the [god]damn door" in "I Write Sins Not Tragedies."

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    42. O-Town.

    43. The "Liquid Dreams" music video that looked like a Capri Sun commercial.

    44. BBMak.

    45. That episode of Even Stevens that BBMak was on.

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    46. BEANS.

    47. The Even Stevens musical.

    48. The Click Five looking very dapper while holding a rooftop concert.

    49. These Happy Bunny illustrations.

    50. My Scene dolls and the accompanying website.

    "It's my scene, my scene, you know what I mean."

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    51. Dollz Mania.

    52. Groovy Girls.

    53. These terrifying "Diva Starz" dolls.

    54. Changing the "When I Grow Up" lyrics to "I wanna have boobies" instead of what they really are, which is "I wanna have groupies."

    55. The song from the last scene in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

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    56. Draw Something.

    57. Temple Run.

    58. Trying to get the timing right for this part in "Single Ladies."

    59. Trying to do this move from "Single Ladies" and realizing that you had virtually no thigh strength.

    60. Planking.

    61. American Idol having a second host.

    The legendary Brian Dunkleman.

    But we should make B. Dunk a thing again.

    The Dunk Master.

    Show us the way, Brian.

    We need you.