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Donald Trump Has Been Dominating The Facebook Conversation, Too

Even just the first week of July, Trump basically torpedoed all other talk on Facebook.

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Donald Trump has dominated media coverage the last few weeks. Good news: He also has dominated the Facebook conversation.

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From July 1 through July 7, Trump basically stomped everything, according to data provided through a BuzzFeed News partnership with Facebook. These numbers include pages; the "unique" number represents one interaction per person/page, and the "interactions" number includes everything. This does not include paid reach.

Imagine the Hulk doing a cannonball into a pool and, as a result, all the other people and water in that pool being catapulted from it, so that the only thing left is the Hulk. But in this case, the Hulk is Donald Trump.

The sentiment of people posting about Donald Trump on their personal accounts is a little more mixed, though.

BuzzFeed News

This is a different set of data, which only includes personal accounts. Trump announced he was running on June 16. He became an integral part of our daily lives in the last two weeks.

Katherine Miller is the political editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.

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