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The 11 Most Random Groups Hillary Clinton Has Spoken To

Beats government work.

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Since Hillary Clinton left the State Department, she's given many, many speeches — both paid and unpaid — netting an estimated $5 million. Here are the strangest venues she's either spoken at or will soon.

11. The annual Queen Sofía Spanish Institute Gold Medal Gala

blinking idiot / Creative Commons / Via

It's a gala that honors people who have contributed to the international appreciation of Spain and Ibero-America!


8. The Biotechnology Industry Organization's annual convention

Otis Historical Archives National Museum of Health and Medicine / Creative Commons / Via

And this is not a photo of biotechnology! Clinton will speak this summer at the convention for the trade organization (BIO), which represents genetically modified food, pharmaceutical drugs, and biofuels.


3. The American Chemistry Council

Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M / Creative Commons / Via

A trade association that promotes the business interests of chemistry that Clinton will speak to on June 3!

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