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9 Key Politics Stories Of The Week: Jeb's Plans And People, The Bill Problem, Walker In Israel

...and George Stephanopoulos's donation issues, young Hillary Clinton's thoughts on privacy, and a fake letter in a Supreme Court brief.

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1. Scott Walker And The Israel Primary — BuzzFeed News

Scott Walker / Via Twitter

The Wisconsin governor took a very boring, very safe trip to Israel this week — everything you'd expect and little more. People who traveled with him emphasized how much "learning" he did. The trip is just the latest example of how Israel, like Iowa or New Hampshire, has become a prerequisite campaign stop — to the pride and concern of Israeli insiders, Rosie Gray reports from Jerusalem. Read it at BuzzFeed News.

2. Jeb Bush, Ana Navarro, and the Question That May Have Been Misheard — the New York Times

Lynne Sladky / Getty

After Jeb Bush's initial Iraq answer, Ana Navarro, pictured above with Jeb Bush Jr., told CNN that he'd misheard the question as part of her sort of de facto media role as a Bush-allied Republican. "How much of a confidante she is of Mr. Bush, however, is open to question." Read it at the New York Times.

3. Jeb Bush May Skip Iowa In 2016, Sources Say — BuzzFeed News

Scott Olson / Getty Images

Jeb's trip to Iowa this weekend is only the second one this year. Sources say the Iowa Straw Poll may not be the only thing he’s skipping in the socially conservative caucus state. Read it at BuzzFeed News.

4. Clinton campaign’s dilemma: What to do with Bill? — the Washington Post

Stringer . / Reuters

So far, and for the foreseeable future, Bill Clinton won't be a visible presence on his wife's campaign. He won't appear at events or fundraise. But that's just part of a larger question about what role the former president will play, Phil Rucker reported from the foundation's big event in Morocco. Read it at the Washington Post.


7. Oklahoma’s Attorney General Misled The Supreme Court — BuzzFeed News

The letter above was included in Oklahoma's recent Supreme Court brief — evidence, the state said, that the pharmacy that made the drug compound used in executions was under intense pressure to stop. One problem: That letter was never sent to Oklahoma. Read it at BuzzFeed News.

8. George Stephanopoulos Donated $75,000 to Clinton Foundation — Washington Free Beacon

NICHOLAS KAMM / Getty Images

The ABC News anchor donated money to the Clinton Foundation in the last several years — information that was publicly available but never disclosed by the anchor or network during his interviews with Bill Clinton or the author of a new book, Clinton Cash, that investigates the foundation. Now, Stephanopoulos has apologized and the network has said he will not moderate a Republican debate. Read it at the Free Beacon.

9. Watch This Rare, Long-Forgotten Interview With Young Hillary Clinton — BuzzFeed News

University of Arkansas Special Collections

In 1979, Hillary Rodham was already wrestling with many of the same issues — privacy, keeping one’s identity in the public eye, and the strains of her career vs. Bill’s — that she is today. The deeply personal interview is perhaps the oldest and longest video of the young Hillary Clinton. "I’m very lucky because I married Bill when he was a defeated politician." Read it and watch it at BuzzFeed News.

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