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10 Songs From Colorado Artists You Should Hear

Colorado is amazing for many reasons, one being the fantastic music! And the beer and the hiking and the weed and the city and weather and everything. Kay.

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1. Critical Mistakes by 888

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This song has been on the radio here for a few months, but I cannot stop listening to it. It is wonderful, beautiful, and makes my wish there was more shoreline in Colorado. This excellent band is based in Denver.

2. My Hearts On you by Rocket Surgeons

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This band sounds sort of like Gym Class Heroes but WAY BETTER. In my opinion, they don't get the attention they deserve. They are based in Denver, and they do some great stuff for the city. They have organized fundraising concerts for the Children's Hospital and The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

3. Heels by In the Whale

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These handsome guys are from Greeley, Colorado, and they are super amazing. Currently touring in Dallas to bestow their wonderfulness on lucky ears outside of Colorado.

4. Alright by nightlove

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This talented dude is based in Denver and I dare you not to dance to this song! Near impossible. This is some Hall & Oates, retro-poppy amazingness. It is the first single from nightlove, but here's to hoping there are many more to come!

5. To the Grave by Shatterproof

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Hailing from Fort Collins, these guys will help you remember the good ol' days of hot guys in hardcore bands. However, they are actually good. :) The violin adds a unique sound to their music, and you will definitely find yourself rockin' out while driving too fast. (Not that I would know....)

6. Big Talk by Redlands

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Another band based in Denver, these dudes makes some very awesome indie/rock music. Also excellent for singing very loudly in the jeep that you drive because you live in Colorado.

7. The River by Post Paradise

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You may have noticed by now that I am a fan of the alternative scene here in Colorado, and singing way too loudly (and badly) is my jam. This band fits into that general theme wonderfully. Also based in Fort Collins, these guys in their own words "blend strong lyrical and melodic influences from multiple genres." Well, these genres combining equals one great sound.

8. Navigator by Chemistry Club

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Another song you can try and not dance to, but probably fail. The Chemistry Club is based and Denver, and they have been making us all dance since 2012. If their dance-inducing tunes don't win you over, their adorable faces definitely will.

9. Sunny Rain Day Moon by Eldren

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Not only is this song amazing, the music video is one of my favorite things ever. This Denver based band states that they are a "A psychedelic dream rock super pop soundgasm that will grip your eyes and ears and leave you trembling with a sense of wonder and want." I mean, who is not into that?

10. Last Calls by Rumours Follow

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We will finish up on another Denver based band here. Rumours Follow is another alternative band, but with a bit of a new-wavey, synth-y (I am good at adjectives) edge. Fun to listen to loud, dance around, drink wine too... I have never heard a song of theirs I didn't like. It was, in fact, hard to choose one for this list. Facebook right-a here:

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