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    20 Things To Help Anyone Who’s Rapidly Running Out Of Floor Space

    A floating nightstand, storage bed, and other helpful products to help you maximize the floor space you have left.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of two nesting storage tables for stashing extra home goods (think, blankets, pillows, toys) and looking fab while doing so. The smaller table nests inside the larger one when it's not being used so you can gain a lil' extra space. 

    a reviewer with the nesting baskets in front of a sofa
    a reviewer uses it as a side table

    Promising review: "I’m obsessed with these tables! The tall one comes high enough to enjoy coffee or to eat at. My favorite part about these tables are the storage! I love them because they don’t take up a ton of room and are easy to move around! Super happy with these!" —Andrew Vinh Tran

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $83.17+ (available in five finishes).

    2. floating entryway console that's sleek, modern, and won't take up any floor space. It has a built-in drawer, hooks, a shelf, and an optional mirror. Get ready for tonsss of compliments on this piece. 😍

    the console in a hallway holding flowers, a purse, and candles.

    Urbansize is a family-owned small business from London, United Kingdom, that specializes in space-saving furniture. 

    Promising reviews: "I'm so happy to own this beautiful piece! Looks exactly as I imagine. Easy to install. Stacey [the owner] is very friendly and professional. Speedy delivery. Highly recommended. 🙂"  —Joan

    "Great piece of furniture. I’ve had it on my wall for months now, and it looks great and works well."  —Joy Demorra

    Get it from Urbansize on Etsy for $233.97+ (available with or without the mirror).

    3. A slim shelving unit which can squeeze into those teenyyy tiny nooks (it's only five inches wide!) so you can maximize the unused corners in your home. P.S. — there are wheels on the base which make it super easy to move!

    The White 4 Tier Kitchen Cart 40

    Promising review: "This was a great touch for a previously wasted space between my washer and dryer in my laundry room. It works best if it can roll straight out, but my husband secured the joints. It also allowed me space for the iron and ironing products rather than filling up my utility closet." —Wayfair Customer

    Get it from Wayfair for $27.99 (originally $79.99).

    4. A pack of invisible bookshelves that will help you create a unique wall display and keep books off the floor. Each metal shelf can hold up to 15 pounds and will totally disappear when books are added on top! Magic.

    Promising review: "These invisible bookshelves are great, they worked perfectly for us. They are very sturdy and hold a lot of books, I did not overload my shelves for visual reasons, but they could have held more books. I would highly recommend these shelves, they are a unique focal point in a room." —Christin Tobey

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $28.99 (also available in a four-pack).

    5. A litter box enclosure to conceal your cat's litter box and provide extra room for your odds and ends (OR just another space to put those framed pictures of your fur baby). We won't judge. 

    the litter box enclosure in white, being used as a reviewer's nightstand with text that reads
    the same reviewer shows the inside of the box

    There's a removable interior panel and a cat hole on the side that measures 8.9-inches x 10.3-inches. 

    Promising reviews: "Very easy to assemble and looks and feels great. The extra storage on the top allows you to put your items on to make it much more discreet! It took me a couple of days to decide whether or not to buy it, but I wish I would’ve bought it sooner. Great addition to my room and overall aesthetic." —Edriane Alvaro

    "I agonized over which cat furniture to choose to hide my cat's litter box when moving to a smaller apartment space...I am happy I went with this one, which looks really nice. The instructions were surprisingly good and easy to follow; putting it together was simple. You can put the door on either side, and you can also leave out the middle part to fit a larger box." —Wynne

    Get it from Amazon for $149.99 (available in six colors).

    6. A gorgeous wood wine rack that holds wine glasses and bottles (plus decorative items!) in case you don't have room for a bar cart or just want to free up some space in your kitchen. P.S. — you can purchase the shelf with or without the stemware rack and specify what color wood you want. 

    two wood wine racks holding an assortment of wine glasses, bottles, and decorative objects
    Native Range/Etsy

    Native Range is a small biz based in Missouri that specializes in handmade wood creations, from floating shelves to cookbook stands. There's truly something for everyone at this shop!!!

    Promising review: "Love love love my shelves!!! Not only are they beautiful, but they are sturdy and very high quality! The pictures don’t do them justice! The seller is also so kind and responsive to messages and questions and I have worked with them since on custom orders. Definitely a forever customer." —vaportell

    Get it from Native Range on Etsy for $29.99+ (available in nine sizes and three configurations). 

    7. A handy shoe-storage cabinet so you won't have to trip over multiple pairs of shoes when you're racing out the door in the morning. 😅 It also eliminates the need for an entryway table because you can place your keys, mail, and decor right on top. 

    reviewer image of the cabinet being used as a entryway table
    the same reviewer showing the cabinet with open doors and shoes inside

    Reviewers also use this as a media console to store games and electronics.  

    Promising reviews: "I love this cabinet, so much that I ended up buying two! It stores all my shoes very well and I was able to store my tall boots in the last cabinet. The second one I bought was to put under my TV to store our DVDs." —Elizabeth P

    "We are a family a four and this fits almost all of the shoes...This is so pretty by the front entrance you don't see shoes everywhere and the top part is great to put keys, a nice decoration piece. We use it to keep a basket of hand sanitizer, shoe covers, and doggy poop bags, also great for mail since it is by the door." —Irina

    Get it from Amazon for $156.75+. Also available in a smaller, two-door version for $100.79.

    8. folding desk that takes a couple of seconds to put together and can be stored under a bed, sofa, or in a closet when not in use! It will free up soooo much extra space when it's folded down. 

    Reviewer pic of the desk with wood top and metal legs in a room
    a photo of the desk folded and up right

    Promising review: "This desk is a space-saving wonder. We purchased this desk to create a temporary workspace. Needed a desk that can quickly and easily fold up and be put into a closet — this desk delivered that and more! It's very sturdy, and takes two seconds to assemble out of the box. Then just as easy to fold up and put away. The top's wooden finish adds a modern and nice look to your space. Excellent quality for the price!!" —JAH

    Get it from Amazon for $81.99 (available in two colors).

    9. An acrylic plant hanger so you ~finally~ have an aesthetically pleasing way to display your plant bbs without taking up precious floor space. It will add a touch of greenery to your windows and won't yellow in the sunlight. 

    The three-tiered shelf holding nine plants
    Indoor Window Gardens/Etsy

    Indoor Window Gardens is a family-owned small business in South Carolina. The acrylic shelves come assembled, and you can secure them with a single fastener. 

    Promising review: "Not only do these shelves look amazing and give me so much more room for my plants but the customer service is amazing! I forgot to order extensions with my order so I contacted the shop and they helped me by making a special listing for the extensions. They placed them in my original order so everything came together. If you’re looking for a window shelf, this is it!!" —Jamie Miner

    Get it from Indoor Window Gardens on Etsy for $74+ (available in three styles and five mounting options).

    10. A pack of under-bed storage containers if you have a TON of extra clothing that's been sitting in piles all over your apartment (guilty). The top of the storage container is clear so you can easily see what's packed inside. 

    the storage container neatly packed with clothes and siting halfway under a  bed

    You can use these for so much more than clothing! Think craft supplies, extra toiletries, shoes...basically whatever you have too much of.

    Promising review: "These storage bags are fantastic. I live in a small apartment where storage space is at a premium. I use these to store my Costco toilet paper and paper towels so I don't need to make as many trips to the store. It keeps them in pristine condition and out of sight. The handles make them easy to pull in and out, and they fold up nicely when not in use. I'm thinking about getting two more since four will fit under my queen bed." —Kimberly Dorn

    Get it from Amazon for $13.97+ (available in six colors).

    11. A cute storage ottoman to give yourself some extra storage space and a convenient footrest. Plus, it can fold down when not in use (we have a feeling you'll be using this piece constantly, though!).

    The storage ottoman in gray

    Promising review: "This is a very nice, little, and attractive ottoman for the money. It was easy peasy to assemble. I needed something to prop my legs/feet on while sitting in my small living room. This will serve that purpose nicely. I noticed no atrocious odor. You are able to store magazines and lighter-weight items in it. I would NOT recommend sitting or standing on this because it is only made of a very heavy pressed paper board. If you need it to perform as something other than a footrest I would suggest you spend more money and purchase something actually constructed for more heavy-duty activity. I live alone and this will serve me well." —Barbara

    Get it from Amazon for $28.99+ (available in four colors and two materials).

    12. Or a versatile velvet storage ottoman with a reversible top that's velvet on one side and wood on the other. It's a perfect place to stash small toys, magazines, books, etc. that are crowding your floor. 

    a reviewer showing the ottoman closed by a matching chair
    a different reviewer showing the inside of the ottoman

    Promising reviews: "I love this ottoman/foot stool. It is so worth its price and more. The color is gorgeous. It is nice and soft. Has the ability to hold things in the storage and looks amazing. This is a must buy. If you are wondering if you should buy this item, buy it buy it. If I need more foot stools I will definitely buy this one again. Love it." —Jennifer fry

    "This was the easiest thing to assemble and it's so nice! It's perfect as a small side table to a chair in our small loving room. It looks more high end than expected because of the velvet pleats. The flip top and storage is versatile and it has an overall stylish look." —Andrea

    Get it from Amazon for $47.99+ (available in 15 colors).

    13. Or a luxe flip-top storage bench if you need double the storage space of an ottoman. The versatile design looks right at home in a bedroom, living room, or entryway. 

    the gray storage bench with wooden legs

    Promising reviews: "It holds up! Used daily as a launch pad, bed, road, workbench, climbing structure, and lava safe spot. Oh and a footrest and blanket storage. Holds four blankets and two to three people can rest their feet on it at once. I’m just glad the legs are sturdy enough to hold up my my kids’ antics." —Anna

    "This bench has a good fabric, with a good balance, and enough storage. I am using for the end of the bed. It would be nice to use at the entryway or living room as well." —Dalila

    Get it from Wayfair for $294+.

    14. bed frame with built-in storage space so you can store seasonal clothing, extra books, and other belongings in the hidden storage compartment. This will cut down on clutter and make your floor space look a LOT bigger. 

    The grey velvet bed

    This super-chic one is available in linen and velvet so you can pick the fabric that matches the feel of your room. 

    Promising review: "Bought this bed for my daughter who had storage issues. Originally she was going to get a different color but ended up with the gray velvet. I thought it was going to be cheap and crappy looking because of the price. Boy was I wrong! This bed is beautiful! High quality. very sturdy, and looks beautiful in the room. It was easy to put together the two of us did it in about two and a half hours. No issues just that everything has to be tightened with those little tiny Allen wrenches, Thankfully we had an extra one so we could both work at the same time. Highly recommend. Still cannot believe the price!" —Susan Dalton

    Get the queen size from Amazon for $692.85+ (available in sizes twin–king and seven color/fabric choices).

    15. A super convenient flip-top end table that boasts hidden storage and a charging station with two standard plug outlets and two USB  ports. The interior compartment is *perfect* for storing odds and ends that might otherwise end up on the floor. 

    a reviewer's end table in white with books sitting on top
    the same reviewer showing the inside of the table with plugs in outlets

    Promising reviews: "I bought two of these as side tables beside our couch. I love how sleek they look, plus having an extra storage drawer with plugs for our phones is great! I charge my phone and watch while we watch TV in the evenings... It fits everything I need: remotes, tissues, and coaster for cups." —Jessica

    "Bought this table for a sun porch that currently has limited electrical outlets. It's easy to put together, came well packaged, and the right size for in between furniture... It offers a great deal of flexibility with what I want to plug in. I currently have a timer plugged in for a lamp, I'm able to charge two phones, and still have an outlet available for something else if needed. Been using for a couple of months now and very happy with the product" —gone2020

    Get it from Amazon for $74.98+ (available in 14 colors).

    16. An over-the-toilet shelving unit with three shelves (one is movable so you can adjust the height) so you can *finally* organize the mess of toiletries and beauty products in your bathroom. You'e welcome. 😎

    a reviewer's shelving unit un white
    the same reviewer shows the inside on the unit, holding towels and toilet paper

    This structure measures 24.5 x 9 x 65.7-inches and has a water-resistant finish that's easy to clean. 

    Promising review: "Looks good, I like the doors especially [because they] hide all my hair stuff and toiletries. It doesn't jut out too far to get in the way of using toilet and comes with hardware to attach to wall which makes it feel super sturdy and secure." —Kindle Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $89.99+ (available in four colors).

    17. A full-length storage mirror that opens up to reveal TONS of storage for your makeup, skincare, and jewelry essentials. Plus, when you open the door six LED lights snap on so you can see what you're doing!! Because this bb hooks onto your door, it won't take up any floor space. 

    a reviewer poses in the full length mirror
    the same reviewer shows the inside of the storage mirror with jewelry hanging

    This rectangular cabinet has five shelves, two drawers, one bracelet rod, one ring cushion, 32 necklace hooks, 48 stud earring holes, and 90 earring slots. To install this handy dandy piece just pop it over your door or mount it on the wall. The door hangers are included!

    Promising reviews: "This is probably the best purchase I have ever made on Amazon. This is very well made. Like incredibly well made. It stores sooo much stuff!!! My daughter loved it and now I am eyeing one for myself. My daughter had jewelry and trinkets everywhere in her room. This put everything neatly in one space. It's elegant and well made. Mirror + jewelry holder = game changer." —Linnette

    "I love, love, LOVE this jewelry cabinet!! It is perfect in EVERY way! There is a ton of space for all sorts of various styles of jewelry, and the LED lights in the top are super helpful to light up the inside...this is a MUST BUY in my opinion!" —Erika

    Get it from Amazon for $139.99+ (available in eight colors).

    18. A floating bedside drawer, which is perfect for smaller spaces that can't fit a full nightstand. You'll have plenty of room to store books, glasses, a decorative vase, and other items that might end up on the floor (or haphazardly strewn somewhere else 😬). 

    Rectangle white wood drawer with a light brown wood top attached to the wall next to the bed with a book, coffee cup, and vase on it
    Urbansize / Etsy

    Urbansize is a family-owned small business from London, United Kingdom, that specializes in space-saving furniture. 

    Promising review: "We love our new shelves! We're using them as nightstands in our tiny apartment, and they work great!! Shipping was also extremely fast coming from the UK to Texas, US." —Ali

    Get it from Urbansize on Etsy for $117.49+ (available in small and large and in all white or with an oak top).

    19. An overhead storage rack so you can store stuff in the garage that would otherwise end up cluttering your main living spaces. It's made from alloy steel and can safely hold up to 600 pounds. 

    the rack mounted to a garage ceiling with containers

    Promising review: "Very nice and sturdy. Not difficult to install, but it is time consuming. Someone wrote they installed it in 40 minutes. That's just not true (unless you have four people). It takes at least two to three hours as there are about 60 sets of bolts and nuts, plus the time it takes to measure, mark, find studs, and drive the anchors (all above your head on a ladder). Yet, the work pays off. The instructions are fairly easy to follow and well-illustrated, and the final product is sturdy and looks sharp. The shipping was incredibly fast and arrived in perfect shape. I put approximately 400 lbs. of weight on it and it seems to be holding very well with no sagging. It says it can hold up to 600 lbs., which seems about right. I would highly recommend this product." —ChadL

    Get it from Amazon for $229.99+ (available in three colors).

    20. A lift-top coffee table that's simple and cute but hides the clutter you swore you were going to deal with months ago. The table is treated with a water-resistant coating so it will still look fab even after a few spills. Psst — reviewers say this table doubles as a desk *and* eating surface so you can reduce the amount of furniture in your living room. 

    the dark wood coffee table with the top lifted and a laptop and mug on it

    Promising review: "Great table for small apartments. Can be used as a coffee table but also as your spot for lunch and dinner while watching TV. The storage space is a plus where you can store books, remotes, etc. The material is not the best but you are also paying a fairly low price. I strongly recommend it if you are looking for a convenient small table in front of your couch." —pablo

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99+ (available in two sizes and five colors).

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.