13 Moments From "Everything Sucks!" That Every LGBT '90s Kid Will Recognize

    High school was a big, homophobic beast.

    1. This heartbreaking moment for the queer kids in every game of Spin the Bottle:

    2. The eternal question of whether you wish you *had* them, or whether you wish you could *hold* them...

    3. Let's be honest, it was usually a little bit of both.

    4. The thrilling, emotional rollercoaster of seeing queer people being queer out in the real actual world (or, you know, at a Tori Amos concert):

    5. All. The. QUESTIONS.

    6. And all the QUESTIONING.


    8. Right up until that moment when you finally admitted it to yourself.

    9. Even though it was already pretty obvious from your not-so-subtle bedroom decor...

    10. ...and style decisions.

    11. But in the end, after countless tension-filled "platonic" sleepovers...

    12. ...and skirting around the subject...

    13. ...eventually there was that moment where it all seemed like it would turn out alright.

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