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24 Incredibly Awesome Notebooks You'll Want To Write In

Whether it's lists, stories, or comebacks you couldn't think of in the moment.

Andrew Richard / Via BuzzFeed

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1. These journals that might make the guy next to you curious.

Get them from Zeeben Dry on Etsy for $7.16.

2. This one to encourage you to look around.

3. This one inspired by Ernest Hemingway.

Get it from Obvious State on Etsy for $6.

4. This leather-wrapped journal with colorful pages.

Get it from Jackdaw Bindery on Etsy for $28.29.

5. This one inspired by Tina Belcher.

It may weird out your friends if they don't get the reference, though.

Get it from Notable Loot on Etsy for $14.50.

6. This journal to help you calm down.

Get it from ModCloth for $10.99.

7. This notebook reminding you to kill it every day.

8. This one to write down all the bad things you have to say.

Get it from Papyrus for $9.95.

9. This one that will get you back to basics.

Get it from Minted for $16.

10. This notebook that is actually 100% waterproof.

Get it from Firebox for $18.19.

11. These travel journals with different airport codes.

Find them at Flight 001 for $8 each.

12. This one to write down your life story so far.

13. These mountainous notebooks for all your sky high ideas.

Get them from Little Alexander on Etsy for $12 each.

14. This journal for all the genius thoughts you have in the bathroom.

Get it from Papyrus for $9.95.

15. This year's worth of inspiration.

16. This one to get you through the day.

Get it from 27th Street Press on Etsy for $9.99.

17. This journal to write down all your hopes and dreams.

18. This pretty pineapple one.

Get it from Minted for $16.

19. This lyric journal.

Get it from Lovewell Hand Lettering on Etsy for $12.

20. This journal that encourages you to write one sentence a day.

21. This one to remind you just how brilliant you are.

Get it from Papyrus for $9.95.

22. These guided words to yourself.

23. This notebook to keep track of everyone who needs a high five.

Get it from Simply Notebooks for $7.87.

24. This pocket notebook to write down everything you think about.

Get it from Naked Tile on Etsy for $5.60.

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