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15 Totally Bizarre Kinds Of Booze You Can Actually Buy

When a pizza and a beer love each other very much...

Just a heads-up that laws about shipping alcohol can differ depending on the site you're buying from and where you live. (And, obviously, you have to be at least 21.) Be sure to check out the store's policy before you try to buy.

1. This bottle of unicorn tears:

Firebox / Via

JK it's gin, filled with dustings of real, drinkable silver.

2. This mildly terrifying vodka:

Firebox / Via

Apparently the scorpion is edible and gives the vodka a "woody taste."

3. This Sriracha beer:

4. 500,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli Vodka: the world's hottest vodka

The bottle says not to drink it as a shot under *any* circumstances. So here's a video of some people drinking it as a shot:

View this video on YouTube


5. This blue beer:

6. This bacon-flavored vodka:

Because this is America and we need bacon. See where you can buy it here.

7. This Monkey Balls liqueur:

Inspired by the Belgian cherry-flavored candy. But, ya know...monkey balls is funny.

8. This yogurt-based liqueur:

9. These vodka ice pops:

10. This awesome Game Of Thrones beer:

11. This alcoholic whipped cream:

Pumpkin pie and sex will never be the same.

12. This pizza-flavored beer:

Read about this strange home-brewed beer here.

13. This vodka made from milk:

*Confused and intrigued*

14. This Thailand snake whiskey:

That's a cobra with a wine snake in its mouth. So, in other words, NOPE.

15. This breathable alcohol bar:

Brought to you by Bompas And Parr, Alcoholic Architecture is a bar in London with clouds of alcohol to get you drunk. Read about it here.