24 Ways To Add Some Geometry To Your Home Decor

Every angle is acute angle.

1. This concrete planter:

Find it here for $11.10

2. These candle holders:

Find them here for $32.

3. This pendant light:

Find it here for $69.

4. This foresty print:


Find it here for $11.08.

5. These hexagon shelves:

Find them here for $107.

6. This picture frame:

Find it here for $13.01.

7. Or these candle holders:

Find them here for $29.21.

8. These hanging planters:

Find them here for $42.

9. This aqua terrarium:

Find it here for $42.00.

10. This heart pillow:

Find it here for $24.33.

11. Or this photo frame:

Find it here for $14.99.

12. This wooden placemat:

Find it here for $17.

13. These triangular book coasters:

Find them here for $16.00.

14. These wall clocks:

Find them here for $26.95.

15. Or this color-spiked clock:

Find it here for $28.

16. These ornaments:

Find them here for $8.00.

17. This candle:

Find it here for $10.04.

18. This twisted lamp:

Find it here for $23.99.

19. This oil warmer:

Find it here for $7.95.

20. These photo holders:

Find them here for $15.00.

21. These shower curtains:


Find them here and here for $68.00.

22. These wall vases:

Find them here for $29.99.

23. This jewelry stand:

Find it here for $29.99.

24. This angular table:

If you really want to splurge, find it here for $549.

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