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21 Things For People Who Think Snails Are Cute AF

Snailed it.

BuzzFeed Senior Editor Alanna Okun recently adopted a stowaway snail from Germany.

1. These tea bag holders:

2. This wrap-around ring:

3. This watercolor phone case:

4. This encouraging snail:

5. This tiny measuring tape:

6. This cookie cutter:

7. This encouraging poster:

8. This flash drive:

9. These tiny earrings:

10. This waterproof speaker:

11. This cupcake plate:

12. This concrete wall hook:

13. These sticker with an array of emotions:

14. These patterned leggings:

15. This adorable night light:

16. This geometrical pillow:

17. This slow-moving clock:

18. These golden shell stickers:

19. This beautifying soap:

20. These toothbrush holders:

21. And, of course, real-life adorable snails: