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12 Products For People Who Suck At Doing Their Hair

Why isn't it as easy as it looks?

Alice Mongkongllite/ BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This curling iron that does the curling for you.

On sale here for $99 until March 1.

2. This leave-in cream that tames frizz as your hair dries.

You put a little bit of this in your hair while it's still damp and either blow dry it or let it air dry to smooth your hair and make it less frizzy.

Get it from Ulta for $16.

3. These brushes to detangle your hair whether it's wet or dry.

They're specially designed with bristles at different lengths to get all the tangles out.

Get them from Amazon for $7.99.

4. This hair straightener that works just by brushing.

It uses heat in the bristles (at five different settings), so all you have to do is brush your hair to straighten it.

Get it from Amazon for $37.99.

5. This extreme hold gel that doesn't make your hair feel sticky.

Use it to shape your cowlicks.

Get it from Sally Beauty for $6.79.

6. This spray to add volume or texture to your 'do.

If you spray it on wet hair, it will add a little volume after you blow dry... or you can use it on dry hair to add texture.

Get it from Amazon for $11.40.

7. This curl pudding that moisturizes dehydrated hair with shea butter.

It'll make your frizzy curls smoother.

Get it from Sally Beauty for $6.29.

8. This hair straightener that will adjust to your hair's thickness and texture.

Plus, the outer edges are curved so you can turn the straightener to flip or curl your hair.

Get it from Amazon for $49.96.

9. This blowout créme that makes your hair sleeker.

Put a little in your hair while it's still wet to get a sleek look without having to do a ton of styling work. It also helps prevent heat damage.

Get it from for $24.

10. Just a million bobby pins.

Well, 300 bobby pins.

Get them from Sally Beauty for $7.99.

11. Dry shampoo for when your hair is oily and you don't have time to wash it.

Some days you don't feel like climbing into the shower.

Get this two pack from Amazon for $18.38.

12. And a cute beanie... for when you just cannot.

Get it from Missguided for $17.

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