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    Here's Where You Should Be Shopping If You Love Victoria's Secret

    Because you already own the whole store.

    Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Asos

    Asos has underwear, lingerie, and sleepwear that's similar to VS's playful and sexy vibe.

    Shipping Info: If you spend more than $40, shipping is free. Less than $40, it's $3.81. But four-day shipping is $6 and two-day is $12.

    Price Range: $7–$343

    2. Hips and Curves

    If you love Victoria's Secret because they always have your size, try Hips and Curves for a sexy look every day. They are a solely plus-size boutique, so all their lingerie is actually designed for fuller bodies, not just made in a larger size.

    Shipping Info: Shipping is about $6, or free if you spend $95.

    Bra Price Range: $21.95–$49.95

    Panty Price Range: $7.95–$24.95

    Lingerie Price Range: $17.95–$69.95

    3. Fierce Simplicity

    If you wear Victoria's Secret swimwear all summer, try Fierce Simplicity. They have a crazy selection of different designs and styles.

    Shipping Info: Standard shipping is $8, or free if you spend more than $25.

    Price Range:

    4. Missguided

    Try Missguided if you head to VS for all your workout clothes. Because whoever said you can't look cute while working out is a goddamn liar.

    Shipping Info:
    $5, or free when you spend $80.

    Price Range: $13.60–$34

    5. Aerie

    If you go to Victoria's Secret for all your basics, try Aerie by American Eagle. They have all types of basic bras and underwear in a ton of colors and styles.

    Shipping Info: Shipping costs $7, or if your order is over $50, it's free. Plus, you get free shipping if you pay with a gift card.

    Bra Price Range: $19.95–$38.50

    Panty Price Range: $7.50–$12.50

    6. Cacique

    Another great plus-size lingerie store is Cacique, which has more cute and sexy bras and underwear.

    Shipping Info:
    Shipping costs $7.95, or you can have your items shipped to any of their stores for free pickup.

    Bra Price Range:

    Panty Price Range: $4.99–$28.50

    7. Journelle

    If you love Victoria's Secret's more delicate and lacy pieces, try Journelle. They're a New York–based company that aims to help women love how they look with designer lingerie you can wear every day.

    Shipping Info: Free shipping!

    Bra Price Range: $25–$352

    Panty Price Range: $14–$340

    8. Venus

    Another place for VS-esque bathing suits is Venus, with sexy looks in every style.

    Shipping Info: Shipping costs $7.95, but orders over $100 have free shipping.

    Price Range: $24–$89

    9. Revolve

    If you go to VS for all your sleepwear, try Revolve for cute and comfy pajamas.

    Shipping Info:

    Price Range: $20–$172

    10. Lulu's

    If you love Victoria's Secret's comfy tees, try Lulu's.

    Shipping Info:
    $5, or free when you spend $50.

    Price Range:

    11. La Senza

    If you love VS's lingerie sets, try La Senza, especially for sexy bodysuits. They're a Canadian company that prides themselves on their sexy yet stylish lingerie.

    Shipping Info: Regular shipping is $9 and express shipping is $25.

    Lingerie Price Range: $19.50–$69.95

    12. Frederick's

    If your favorite part of Victoria's Secret is the sexy (and sometimes crazy) underwear they have, Frederick's is your place to go. They're a Hollywood-based store that's famous for being sexy and innovative.

    Shipping Info:
    Shipping is $6.95, or free on orders over $50.

    Bra Price Range: $29–$50

    Pantie Price Range: $8–$30

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