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    Here's Where You Should Be Shopping If You Love Victoria's Secret

    Because you already own the whole store.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Asos

    Asos has underwear, lingerie, and sleepwear that's similar to VS's playful and sexy vibe.

    Shipping Info: If you spend more than $40, shipping is free. Less than $40, it's $3.81. But four-day shipping is $6 and two-day is $12.

    Price Range: $7–$343

    2. Hips and Curves

    If you love Victoria's Secret because they always have your size, try Hips and Curves for a sexy look every day. They are a solely plus-size boutique, so all their lingerie is actually designed for fuller bodies, not just made in a larger size.

    Shipping Info: Shipping is about $6, or free if you spend $95.

    Bra Price Range: $21.95–$49.95

    Panty Price Range: $7.95–$24.95

    Lingerie Price Range: $17.95–$69.95

    3. Fierce Simplicity

    If you wear Victoria's Secret swimwear all summer, try Fierce Simplicity. They have a crazy selection of different designs and styles.

    Shipping Info: Standard shipping is $8, or free if you spend more than $25.

    Price Range:

    4. Missguided

    Try Missguided if you head to VS for all your workout clothes. Because whoever said you can't look cute while working out is a goddamn liar.

    Shipping Info:
    $5, or free when you spend $80.

    Price Range: $13.60–$34

    5. Aerie

    If you go to Victoria's Secret for all your basics, try Aerie by American Eagle. They have all types of basic bras and underwear in a ton of colors and styles.

    Shipping Info: Shipping costs $7, or if your order is over $50, it's free. Plus, you get free shipping if you pay with a gift card.

    Bra Price Range: $19.95–$38.50

    Panty Price Range: $7.50–$12.50

    6. Cacique

    Another great plus-size lingerie store is Cacique, which has more cute and sexy bras and underwear.

    Shipping Info:
    Shipping costs $7.95, or you can have your items shipped to any of their stores for free pickup.

    Bra Price Range:

    Panty Price Range: $4.99–$28.50

    7. Journelle

    If you love Victoria's Secret's more delicate and lacy pieces, try Journelle. They're a New York–based company that aims to help women love how they look with designer lingerie you can wear every day.

    Shipping Info: Free shipping!

    Bra Price Range: $25–$352

    Panty Price Range: $14–$340

    8. Venus

    Another place for VS-esque bathing suits is Venus, with sexy looks in every style.

    Shipping Info: Shipping costs $7.95, but orders over $100 have free shipping.

    Price Range: $24–$89

    9. Revolve

    If you go to VS for all your sleepwear, try Revolve for cute and comfy pajamas.

    Shipping Info:

    Price Range: $20–$172

    10. Lulu's

    If you love Victoria's Secret's comfy tees, try Lulu's.

    Shipping Info:
    $5, or free when you spend $50.

    Price Range:

    11. La Senza

    If you love VS's lingerie sets, try La Senza, especially for sexy bodysuits. They're a Canadian company that prides themselves on their sexy yet stylish lingerie.

    Shipping Info: Regular shipping is $9 and express shipping is $25.

    Lingerie Price Range: $19.50–$69.95

    12. Frederick's

    If your favorite part of Victoria's Secret is the sexy (and sometimes crazy) underwear they have, Frederick's is your place to go. They're a Hollywood-based store that's famous for being sexy and innovative.

    Shipping Info:
    Shipping is $6.95, or free on orders over $50.

    Bra Price Range: $29–$50

    Pantie Price Range: $8–$30