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29 Products For Anyone Who Is Actually A Disney Princess

Because you *know* you should have been born a princess.

1. This positive mug:

2. This Macbook decal:

3. This Pocahontas necklace:

4. This strange hair comb:

5. This Mulan journal:

6. This Merida watercolor print:

7. This pumpkin-carriage pendant:

8. This busy clock:

9. This princess-engraved rolling pin:

10. This Rapunzel tiara ring:

11. This Abbey Road shower curtain:

12. This combined Mean Girls reference:

13. This sweatshirt:

14. These minimalist phone cases:

Find them here.

15. These glittery wineglasses:

16. This Rapunzel T-shirt:

17. These shot glasses:

18. This Princess Tiana mug:

19. This Little Mermaid hair bow:

20. This tank:

21. This stained-glass tapestry:

22. This funny face phone case:

23. This Beauty and the Beast candle:

24. This Snow White necklace:

25. This pug princess makeup bag:

Find it here.

26. This tank:

27. These nail decals:

28. This Princess Jasmine bracelet:

29. And this pillow that's calling you home: