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24 Things For Anyone Who Is Completely Obsessed With Emojis

*heart eyes* - you

1. This bottle opener:

2. This monkey bracelet:

3. These family car stickers:

4. This mug that's you in the morning:

5. These emoji undies:

6. This pizza cookie cutter:

7. This ghost pin:

8. Or this hundred pin:

9. This glittery doormat:

10. These fire pasties:

11. This gold necklace:

12. These nail decals:

13. These emoji pillows:

14. This poop emoji stamp:

15. This key tag:

16. This book to teach other people how to communicate with you:

17. This emoji tank:

18. This sweatshirt to warn the general public:

19. This power bank for your iPhone:

20. These dog toys:

21. This decorated beanie:

22. These drink coasters:

23. This bikini:

24. This phone case that speaks to you: