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24 Shamelessly Sexual Valentine's Day Cards

For anyone who knows what Valentine's Day is REALLY about.

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1. Tell them that you're actually making plans for Valentine's Day:

2. That they make you actually want to work out:

3. And get really fit:

4. Or that you love every bit of them:

5. Show that you're willing to share:

6. That you just want them to be happy:

7. Or that your love is a priority:

8. Tell them you like working together:

9. On any project:

10. That you'd lift a finger for them:

11. That your love is obvious:

12. Or that you're thinking of the future:

13. Tell them you bought a present for both of you:

14. That you always want to go on dates:

15. Or that distance doesn't matter:

16. Tell them that you're comfortable with them:

17. That you appreciate them:

18. In more ways than one:

19. Tell them you're up for anything:

20. That they finish your sentences:

21. Or that they're always on your mind:

22. Tell them you wanted to get them candy:

23. But couldn't find REAL hearts that said the right things:

24. Or simply that they're all you want:

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