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21 Insane Gadgets To Make Your iPhone Even Cooler

Because carrying a handheld computer isn't high-tech enough.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This gooseneck lazy wall mount ($48).

2. This dock fan ($6.99) that's perfect for traveling.

3. This Ringly Smart Ring ($200) that you can set to light up or vibrate with notifications.

4. The TRAK Smart Finder ($40) that connects via bluetooth and beeps to find your phone or keys.

5. This pocket projector ($88) that also charges your phone.

6. Jonas Damon's Alarm Dock ($40) with a super-cool vintage look.

7. This Olloclip 4-in-1 lens system ($80) for your front and back camera.

8. The Ditto wearable notifier ($39.95) that vibrates when certain people text you.

9. The Scentee Smartphone Aroma Diffuser ($8) that uses an app to diffuse a scent.

10. This Zytlus LED Ring Light ($60) for softer light than your flash.

11. This Quicklock bluetooth padlock ($69.95) that you can unlock with an app.

12. This screen magnifier ($14.99) for easier viewing.

13. The Levin USB Solar Charger ($31.99) for backup power anywhere.

14. The originial Breathometer ($49.99) to track your BAC.

15. The Tooks headphone beanie ($24.99) with built-in music and call control.

16. The InkCase ($130) that displays your notifications to save battery life.

17. This iPhone charger ($11.90) disguised as a bracelet.

18. This bluetooth laser keyboard projector ($119.99).

19. Phonesoap's phone sanitizer ($59.95) that disinfects your phone while it charges.

20. The Soundbot water resistant speaker ($11.79) that uses bluetooth to play music or make phone calls.

21. The Fujifilm Instant Smartphone Printer ($199) that can print up to 100 images before you have to change the battery.