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29 Gifts For Anyone With Major Wanderlust

Besides plane tickets, obviously.

1. This world map corkboard:

2. This heat-sensitive mug:

When your drink is warm, the Earth is shown in the daylight and cools down to the night view. Both are gorgeous.

3. This functional sundial necklace:

4. This directional tapestry:

5. This durable camera:

6. This clip-on camera for your phone:

7. These brass state rings:

8. This inspirational print:

9. This minimalist T-shirt:

10. These airport code T-shirts:

There are SO MANY MORE to check out HERE.

11. This inspiring print:

12. These globe bookends:

13. This Earth watch:

14. This map necklace:

15. This coordinate bracelet:

16. This custom city rocks glass:

17. This passport cover:

18. This city map poster:

19. This way of saving:

20. This paint-splattered map:

21. These stud earrings:

22. This carry-on tote:

23. This wild and free travel journal:

24. This encouraging mat:

25. This Tolkien-inspired luggage tag:

26. This phone case:

27. This encouraging thermos:

28. This scratch-off map:

29. This fire pit: