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    25 Reasons Why Montana’s Open Space Is Better Than Outer Space

    To infinity and beyond in the Last Best Place.

    1. You don’t get views like this from a satellite.

    Gallatin Valley Land Trust

    2. 2.The average square mile of Montana contains 1.4 elk, 1.4 pronghorn, and 3.3 deer. Pretty sure the average square mile of the moon contains one square mile of rock.

    3. Lewis and Clark were totally the Neil Armstrongs of Montana.

    That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for Montana-kind.

    4. Montana’s flag does kind of look like NASA’s flag.

    5. Speaking of, NASA is studying astrobiology in Yellowstone National Park. Don’t worry, we don’t know what that means either.

    6. Just this year, Montana was colder than Mars.

    7. Prior to 1999, Montana had no official speed limit, so you could theoretically fly your rocket down I-90 at 17,500 mph—the speed required to reach orbit.

    8. NASA has found no evidence of huckleberries on Mars.

    Giphy / Via

    9. Nor trout.

    10. But Montana does have MARS, the Montana Aquatic Resources Services.

    Montana Aquatic Resources Services / Via

    That’s almost the same, right?

    11. And you can visit part of outer space in southwest Montana.

    United States Meteorite Impact Craters / Via

    The 600-million-year-old Beaverhead Crater is one of the largest impact craters on Earth, about 65 miles in diameter.

    12. A day on Mercury is 4,224 hours. That would be one LONG cattle drive.

    13. It's rather difficult to simultaneously wear a 10-gallon hat and a space suit.

    14. Although, cowboys and astronauts do make a wonderful team.

    Disney Pixar / Via

    15. Did we mention we have our own astronaut? Loren Acton was born in Lewistown and now teaches solar physics at Montana State University.

    Wikipedia / Via

    His NASA photo looks appropriately Montanan, too.

    16. In 2008, the Phoenix lander confirmed glacial ice on Mars. That same year, nearly 2 million visitors to Glacier National Park confirmed that it is indeed the coolest place on Earth.

    Take that, Disney World!

    17. In 2063, Zefram Cochrane will construct a warp drive in Bozeman and make first contact with the Vulcans.

    18. There is an average of six people per square mile across the state of Montana. Which is just six more than the average population of Neptune.

    No Direction Known / Via

    19. In Montana, the only application of physics you need to worry about is casting your fly rod.

    Giphy / Via

    No radial velocity, geosynchronous orbit, retrograde motion, or hydrostatic equilibrium here!

    20. Scientists have found that geysers on Saturn’s moon Titan are actually quite similar to those in Yellowstone National Park. And it only costs $25 admission to see Old Faithful.

    Albert Bierstadt / Via

    Where would you rather take your kids?

    21. There are 9,096 visible stars in the night sky. Anecdotal reports claim all 9,096 can be seen from the bed of a pickup truck on a clear Montana night—given enough beer.

    22. Speaking of, you can’t brew beer from the ice on Europa, Jupiter’s frozen moon.

    23. But you have a nearly endless selection of beers brewed from (and named after) Montana’s finest rivers.

    24. Science has discovered 14 black holes in the universe. Montanans have discovered a black hole at the cash register of every fishing outfitter in the state.

    25. We landed on the moon in 1969, but today 46 Montana counties are still considered frontier counties, making Montana the actual final frontier (and let’s leave it that way, like, forever).

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