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    4 Elements Every Mediterranean-Styled Dining Room Should Have

    Bold, simple, convenient, and just utterly romantic. Even the most northern homes can have the touch of a southern atmosphere that Mediterranean-styled interiors can bring.

    Whenever you see a Mediterranean-styled home, most of the first thoughts immediately jump to assuming that it's a Spanish-style house. Well, in a sense, you'd be right.

    Mediterranean homes' architecture leans toward Italian, Greek, and Spanish influences after all. All three are considered Mediterranean as they share the same style elements.

    - Italian: Similar to Tuscan design. It's casual and carefree, and has an emphasis on colors and textures present in the surrounding landscape. Here, you'd find plenty of ornate furniture and cast iron along with earthy tones of deep reds, yellows, oranges, and rustic elements.

    - Greek: You know it by white stucco walls with accents of cobalt blue. There are also a lot of stately columns and arches, plus the ever-present Greek patterns and motifs in the textures and fabrics used.

    - Spanish: Think Moroccan furniture, vibrant colors, mosaic murals done up in yellow, dark red, and cobalt blue. Don't forget the clay pots, the rustic benches, rough-hewn and grandiose light fixtures, and terracotta floors.

    If you want a Mediterranean-styled dining room, incorporating one of the three would be a great idea. And if you could do all three, then all the better.

    4 Elements for a Mediterranean-styled Dining Room

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    Mediterranean-style is an overflowing cornucopia of romance and the essence of Europe's southern coast. Casual and friendly, it's exactly the kind of atmosphere you'd want in your dining room. And here are the elements that are absolutely necessary to make it happen.

    #1 Natural colors

    There is no strict palette for a Mediterranean-styled dining room, as the colors used are dictated by nature's design sprawling around you. The key to achieving the desired atmosphere that this style brings is through the proper selection of colors for walls, fabrics, furniture, and flooring.

    Garden Variety News / Via

    Find inspiration in the blue of the sky, the green of the grass. Perhaps in the turquoise gleam of the lake, or the reds and yellows of the flowers.

    Decor Renewal / Via

    However, remember to lean more preference for the terracotta colors. Go for shades of olive green, pink, red, or deep yellow.

    #2 Airy window curtains

    Decor Pad / Via

    If your dining room isn't in the inner part of the house, and you have windows, choose light and airy fabrics. It will tone down the overly organic feel. Try out some light and simply patterned curtains too. Just avoid the drapes with tassels and too much thick drapery.

    #3 Rustic furniture

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    For furniture, choose the ones that are exclusively natural. In other words, wood, glass, stone, and wrought iron are good ideas. They can appear harsh and cold, but that's why you dilute their harshness with airy and light curtains, along with choice of cushions and rugs.

    Dining room furniture must embody the comfort, hospitality, and convenience of the interior style. If the space allows it, pick a sizable dining table that can accommodate 4-6 people.

    Ceramic cutlery and wooden chairs and distressed wooden tables covered in light airy cloths are great to bring out that desired interior style effect.

    #4 Functional wall decor & accessories

    Decoist / Via

    For accessories, prioritize the ones that are functional and decorative at the same time. Otherwise, you risk cluttering up the interior with the unnecessary details. Mediterranean-style is famous for functionality, unpretentious beauty, and conciseness. Too much opulent luxury is a bit of an alien here, I'm afraid.

    Enjoy Canvas / Via

    As for wall decor, opt for rustic wooden wall art. Or better yet, if you can have a mural with mosaic tiles, then opt for one. If your space is slightly narrowed, consider oversized wall art rich in texture that can occupy a giant space without being too overbearing.

    Choosing Mediterranean-style

    Even the most northern homes can have the touch of a southern atmosphere that Mediterranean-styled interiors can bring. Boldness, simplicity, convenience, and just utterly romantic. Southern European countries' aesthetics are simply to die for.

    And some dining rooms out there, could use the soothing and warm touch that this style can flawlessly bring.

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