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What's creme fraiche?

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Nourishment like anything else is now relegated to...

Finding, making, or lusting over it can all be neatly organized by Pinterest.

It's a little overwhelming

I am in the mood for... everything?

You can go ambitious

Recreate anything, literally actually anything.

Posts promise easy steps

But skill level is infinitely variable

Try not to get discouraged

Glaring wistfully at the screen behind your carbs.

At the very least we can learn to class up favorites

Fancy-fy your mac and cheese. Grilled cheese. Anything cheese.

Learn the value of edible decor

Rolling treats around in sprinkles/nuts/crumbs is the easiest way to charade as a pastry chef in my experience.

Googely eyes can mask premixed batter

Seasonal appropriateness is all it takes to go from 0 to PTA in ten minutes flat.

Another trick: Everything is bowls

Bread, apples, chocolate, peppers, mushrooms... It's all bowls to me.

Learn the real value of homemade

That would be that you can add infinite chocolate

So give this whole "fending for yourself" thing a shot

It may not turn out perfectly the first time

Or the first ten times..

But oh, once it does

You will be so proud, and so very satisfied.

Now get out there and

Treat yo' culinary self

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