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    Orange Is The New Black Actors And Their Celebrity Doppelgangers

    OITNB is the best thing about my Netflix membership. Here are the stars' celebrity doppelgangers.


    ...and her doppelganger Claire Danes

    Both are pretty blondes with oddly strong jaws.

    Alex Vauss

    Yep, the girl from That 70's Show

    ... and her doppelganger Rachel Leigh Cook

    90's sensation and the bespectacled star from She's All That, among others...

    Mr. Healy

    American actor Michael Harney

    ... and his doppelganger Kevin McNally (the magistrate from TURN)

    I'm sorry, but they are TWINS.

    Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett

    The lovely Taryn Manning who you may recognize from Crossroads with Britney Spears. Yep.

    ...and her doppelganger Jamie King


    Classically pretty - but crazy.

    ... and her doppelganger Elizabeth Taylor

    Those cheekbones.


    ... and his doppelganger Jay Chandrasekhar

    Yes, the guy from Super Troopers.



    ... and her doppelganger Tyra Banks


    The guy who did it with an apple pie way back when...

    ... and his doppelganger Freddy Prinze Jr.

    90's heart throb.


    Feisty, loyal, gorgeous, Nicky...

    ... and her (future) doppelganger Susan Sarandon

    Yes, she's older, (and this photo is slightly NSFW) but the hair and the smile... totally "Nicky-esque".


    AKA Samira Wiley who is spectacularly GORGEOUS

    ... and her doppelganger: Pharrell!



    Pouty, sultry, preggers.

    ... and her doppelganger Judy Reyes

    AKA hot nurse Carla from Scrubs

    Big Boo

    Rockin' the tux.

    ... and her doppelganger Drew Carey

    Maybe it's just the glasses? I dunno.


    Pure evil

    ... and her doppelganger Oprah

    Vee rules prison like Oprah rules... The World.