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7 Reasons Why A Brewery Tour Is The Best Way To Spend A Sunday

Everyone likes a Sunday Funday, but sometimes it's cool to class things up.

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I've had my fair share of boozey brunches and day drinking fests. While they're fun in the moment, after the umpteenth get-together, they start to get a little lame...

Recently, I heard about a brewery tour in the DC area. The company touted themselves as the ultimate craft brew experience and it was a blast!

Here are seven reasons a beer tour is the new best way to get sloshed on a Sunday.

2. You get to make some new besties

Who else is going to drink non-stop from 10 am–6 pm? People just like you! The craft beer crowd is a kickass group of people. You’ll find that the camaraderie on these tours makes the experience.

4. You learn that food enhances the taste of beer

You’re probably used to just ordering a pitcher and whatever greasy food is on happy hour special that day. Rookie mistake. The brew masters will teach you which flavors complement the different types of beer so you maximize deliciousness.

5. You get to have an actual opinion

Most craft brewers are constantly tweaking their beers. Taste their creations and give feedback that actually affects the end result. If you tried to offer constructive criticism at Anheuser Busch, you’d be laughed out the door. Not so with independent brewers.

6. You can try it all

On your average Sunday Funday, you might find yourself chugging the same shitty beer for hours. After a while, it starts to get old. A brewery tour lets you try ALL THE BEER. So, even if you have 4 IPA’s in a day, they’ll all be different. It’s nice to add a little variety to your life.

7. You get outside your beer bubble

It’s easy to get stuck in a beer rut, but when you’re surrounded by dozens of vats of alcoholic liquid, you’re not gonna say no. You drink it. Because it’s fresh beer and it’s goddamn delicious.

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