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Best Fall Desserts

ITS SPICE SEASON!!! Any desserts with that hint of cinnamon or cumin are whats really appealing this type of year. Here are my personal top three dessert.

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Flat Apple Pie with Perfect Pie Crust

Tara Donne / Via

This is a pioneer woman recipe! It's my favorite apple pie ever! It's also extremely easy to make. All you need is apple cinnamon and the perfect pie crust (see link).

Sticky Toffee Banana Pudding

photo by Dan Forbes / Via

This one might sound weird but it's delicious! It's moist and delectable and the perfect dessert on a fall evening and the toffee sauce is just the best topping! And it's even good the next day for us who love left overs.

The Thumbnail

The thumbnail is a passionfruit parfait that I had in the absolute best cafe! It's a bit tart but I like tart! This is the address 1014 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401 if you want to check it out!

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