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    22 Reasons "Steel Magnolias" Is One Of The Greatest Films Ever Made

    An incredible movie that made you feel the sad feels, too.

    Released in 1989, Steel Magnolias was an emotional drama about a close group of friends coping with life and loss while living in a small Louisiana Parish.

    There’s just something magical about America's future sweetheart, Julia Roberts, in one of her earliest starring roles.

    And the mother-daughter duo of Julia Roberts and Sally Field is simply perfection.

    But then it gets a little less magical and perfect for a minute.

    And soon Dolly Parton shows up and starts dropping one-liners like this.

    And this.

    And Daryl Hannah kills it as troubled glamour technician - turned born again Christian, Annelle Dupuy.

    The rivalry between Drum and Ouiser is classic and produces some of the best lines of the movie.

    And truth be told, Shirley MacLaine arguably steals the entire movie because of lines like this.

    And this.

    And what about the fact that late-80's Dylan McDermott is beyond dreamy as Jackson Latcherie?

    And because we all want to have a friendship like Clairee’s and Ouiser’s during our golden years.

    But soon things start to get real heavy, first because of Shelby’s questionable pixie cut…

    And then because you can see that her health has been irreversibly compromised after she gives birth to Jackson Jr.

    But every time you watch it again, you think maybe this time she’ll be OK. Maybe this time Shelby will pull through.

    And you are so touched by M’lynn’s devotion to her daughter, it becomes clear now that you are entering emotional movie hell.

    Until you realize you haven’t even begun to suffer, when the family starts to sign consents for taking Shelby off of life support.

    And just when you think it can’t get any worse, you find yourself borderline-convulsing during the funeral scene.

    But at this point you’ve considered calling in a prescription for mood stabilizers anyway…

    Until luckily, you are able to grasp some form of comfort again, when Clairee and Ousier save the day with their lovable hijinks.

    And soon you feel like, with the support of all these ladies, you might be okay after all.