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17 Reasons To Adopt A Senior Dog

Huckleberry was twelve when he was adopted from a pet fair in 2013.He was the last dog there when his new owners arrived.

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3. Once you’ve brought them home, they’ll assume you are another foster parent and won’t want to engage just yet.

“I can feel that other dog creepin'…He can relax, I’ll be gone in a week or 2.”

4. It’s possible your other dog will feel like he wasn’t enough dog for you.

“I am so. Depressed.”


5. He’ll start to come around though, especially when biscuits are involved.

“Two for me, none for him please.”

7. Like your other dog, he’ll start to become very protective.

Off duty.

8. And then you’ll start to notice a friendship blooming…

9. And your senior dog will start choosing his favorite nap spots.

Wherever there is dirt.

10. And he won’t resist when you dress him up as Miley Cyrus for Halloween.

“Don’t take nuthin’ from nobody..”

11. He’ll start to really enjoy the sites and scenery with you.

12. And before you know it, he's made himself right at home.

13. The next door neighbor will offer his friendship.

“I wasn’t expecting this either, dude.”

14. He might even take up the same hobbies your other dog likes.


16. And your other dog will finally let you know it’s okay for the new guy to stay.

17. Because if they’re being honest, they were both looking for companionship anyway…
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