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A Sunshine State Of Mind

In the aftermath of the deadliest attack in American history and on our LGBT community, Senator Chris Murphy's recent filibuster on gun violence has offered some of us renewed hope that important measures might be taken on Capitol Hill to reduce the gun violence epidemic in our country. Until then, here is one person's perspective on what it feels like to be living in a country where close to 300 gun-related incidents take place per day.

Katie Sheridan 3 years ago

17 Signs You're Becoming Ariana Grande

After reading too many news stories and gossip blogs, in addition to hearing her hit songs around the clock and seeing her first SNL performance last weekend--You no longer know where Ariana ends and you begin. Here are some indications you might slowly be turning into the pint-sized pop star.

Katie Sheridan 5 years ago

12 Reasons Being Unemployed Is The Worst

Looking for gainful employment can be brutal. This is a cautionary tale of what you can potentially expect along the way. Hint: You may be taking the scenic route.

Katie Sheridan 5 years ago